On Google maps found swimming underwater airplane

Google found a plane floating under water on Google MapsPhoto from open sources

55-year-old Briton Robert Morton viewed on Google maps aerial photographs of Edinburgh and unexpectedly spotted off the Scottish coast capital city passenger plane silhouette.

The surprised man brought the anomaly closer and realized that the airliner as if at the time of shooting under water near its very surface. Maybe Google satellites photographed the aircraft immediately after of how it fell into the ocean?

The author of the find turned to the news portals, but could not find any mention of such a tragedy. Thrilled by his the find, the man wrote to the police, and law enforcement officers promised deal with its discovery. Details of their investigation (if any) generally started) remain a mystery.

However, many netizens felt that nothing frightening did not happen. Say, Google map service constantly overlays satellite images of the same same areas, and in the final image often appear all kinds of artifacts. In this case, the overlay is probably two frames were subjected: on one of them the plane flew over the ocean, and on another airliner was not. When the photos were combined, then the effect of the “phantom” airplane appeared, as if immersed in water.

Well, if this is not so, then the mysterious plane under water could be anything and anyhow caught in the camcorder lens cartographic service. And the truths in this case no one ever finds out …

Water Aircraft

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