On Lake Teletskoy no more foot!

In 2006, my husband and son decided to go on a vacation to Teletskoye lake. Before that, we had already been there in 1991 and were just fascinated by its beauty. This is just a pearl of the Altai Mountains! Invisible ball We arrived at the lake in the evening, hours in seven to eight, and were very disappointed. It turned out that the place where the Biya River originates, the lake is very shallow, and the river itself has doubled what it was in 1991. Impression completely wrong! However, this is not about the beauties of nature … We decided to choose a more picturesque place and drove away from the lake kilometers to two down the river. Just put up a tent, I have a creepy my head ached. I even had to take a pill. Then came up husband with the same complaints. They made a fire, hung it over it. a pot to boil water. However, two hours passed, and the water in the kettle did not boil, although the firewood was burning. Meanwhile, despite on the medications taken, the head continued to simply crack. On Lake Teletskoe no more than a foot!Photos from open sources That evening I took out a camera and took two pictures of our parking lot. And only after their printed, we saw firsthand the cause of our malaise. On the first the picture clearly shows a small luminous ball hanging above the mountain. On the second, this ball is already hanging right above us. Amazing that this the object appeared only when taking pictures! Fog the next morning I woke up early. Head, fortunately, did not hurt anymore. I got out tents. The weather turned bad, clouds overcast the sky. And yet I decided walk along the river, but suddenly I felt some strange anxiety. I got a persistent feeling of impending danger, as if something was about to happen. In this moment I looked at the opposite shore and marveled: right at our side, skirting the mountain, crawled white dense fog. He looked more like a giant snake than a natural phenomenon. Panic flight The closer the fog got, the more it bound me fear. It got to the point that I wanted to offer my husband as much as possible leave this strange place soon. Only one thing stopped: not could I tell him, they say, let’s go home, if we are more than ten hours get to this place. Spent the night and leave immediately? IN In general, I thought that he would not understand me. Meanwhile, the fog was approaching very narrow dense mass and almost crawled to the river. Feeling fear grew into panic horror. I still could not stand it asked her husband: – Let’s leave here! Unexpectedly for me, that I somehow immediately agreed. Even too hasty! Later he admitted that he was experiencing about the same as I did, because he was glad when I offered to leave. In just a couple of minutes, we turned camp, put together a tent, left things in a car and rushed from there. Only after driving thirty kilometers, we felt that It becomes easier. However, the feeling of how as if someone or something was chasing us. We rushed home, nor without ever stopping. Many years have passed since then. we as before, we go to Gorny Altai every year, relax in the picturesque places. But they never appeared on Lake Teletsk ever! G.K. BUKHTIYAROV, Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo region.

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