On satellite photos of Yekaterinburg found mysterious triangular structure

A mysterious triangular structure was discovered on satellite photos of YekaterinburgA photo from open sources

Famous in narrow circles of ufologists and conspiracy theorists domestic amateur historian, journalist and virtual researcher Valentin Degterev made an unusual discovery a couple of days ago by considering satellite images of the Uktus mountains in Yekaterinburg. On one of images depicting a mountain range from a bird’s eye view, the specialist suddenly saw a perfectly smooth triangular structure on the ground with each side over 20 meters long.

Coordinates of the intriguing find of the Russian: 56 ° 45’37.2 “N 60 ° 39’19.9 “E

According to Degterev, Uktus mountains store ancient secret, and this is known to many locals. Believed that a pagan temple was once located here, and on this temple our ancestors worshiped some unknown deities. Even today in in these places you can meet members of religious groups, various sectarians and true satanists who are always attracted the mysterious past of the mountain range.

However, if Satanists serve here on the eve of the full moon black masses, they don’t bring any sacrifices, and therefore law enforcement agencies have little interest in their activities. Exactly Yekaterinburg police are indifferent to spending time in Uktus ufologists convinced that this point of the Earth attracts unidentified flying objects and continuously sends into space some signals. Curious, isn’t it?

The author of the find suggests that it is mysterious. a triangle is the foundation of an ancient structure, for example a whole pyramid. True, by whom and when it was erected, the researcher is not able to say with accuracy. Maybe it was pagan Slavs, or maybe even representatives of a certain comparative developed civilization living in the territory of modern Ekaterinburg.

Finally, do not discount theories of the above Ufologists that this place is a real “magnet” for representatives of extraterrestrial races. Suddenly the triangle was really built by the “green men”? Someone will even say that the construction probably goes deep underground, and only it is visible from above a small fragment.

Be that as it may, Valentin Degterev found out for certain that there were no human buildings here even in times tsarism. Once a dense forest grew here, but in recent years it began to cut down, and an unknown structure became visible to cameras orbiting satellites.


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