On the bridge in the United States a mysterious luminous cloud

A mysterious luminous cloud appeared on a bridge in the USAA photo from open sources

American paranormal researchers are agitated. On Tuesday, August 1, on the George Washington Bridge in New York something inexplicable happened.

Right in the middle of a stream of cars, a strange materialized yellowish cloud. Record of a mysterious phenomenon, leaked to the famous video hosting “YouTube”, has collected many views and comments.

The video below shows a bridge over the Hudson River, connecting northern Manhattan with Fort Lee. On the right lane the upper tier of the bridge there is a light cloud that increases in size, then moves to the right side. On the This recording, unfortunately, is interrupted. Apparently, she was obtained by a street surveillance camera. In this case, to the World Web video should have been laid out by employees of the urban system CCTV – probably also puzzled by the appearance of this anomalies.

Some commentators believe that these are tricks of the representatives extraterrestrial civilization. Others are sure that we are talking about supernatural fog – one of those in which forever people disappear. Still others suggest that the recording is captured a certain intelligent energy being – a plasmoid. Have their own theories and among skeptics. Materialists claim that everything should be guilty fuel spill. And the glow, they say, actually appeared due to sunlight falling at a certain angle on the bridge.

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