On the ultrasound of a pregnant American, a crucifix seemed with Christ

On the ultrasound of a pregnant American, a crucifixion with Christ appearedA photo from open sources

Pregnant American Eli Meyer held in mid-October ultrasound examination of the fetus. Neither the future woman in labor, nor employees of the Center for Healthy Maternity did not notice during this The procedure is nothing unusual. It turned out that Meyer was expecting a boy, however, all indicators of the child’s health were normal. Only a week later, one of Eli’s friends pointed out a strange detail to a woman, manifested in the sonography of her fetus.

Meyer, living with her husband in Evansville Indiana has never been a religious person, however now expectant mother plans to reconsider her attitude to faith in God. The fact is that on the ultrasound Meyer was imprinted strange, at first look, “artifact” strikingly similar to crucifixion with Jesus By Christ. In the picture, a cross and a thin long-haired are clearly visible a man hanging on it. Eli, as well as her husband and friends, are convinced that this is a sign from above, and not only for the American, but also for her not yet born son who was recently thirty-one a week.

A photo from open sources

When pregnant mother Meyer found out about this mysterious incident, she posted the image of the Savior in social Facebook, where an amazing shot caught the attention of thousands users and instantly spread to other sites. Many Network regulars say they can’t deny the incredible the similarity of the “artifact” to the crucifixion with the Son of God. “If that and coincidence, then such coincidences happen once a millennium, “- one commentator writes. “Perhaps this is an omen that an unusual life awaits the child, “suggests another.” nothing happens in this world, “adds a third.

Jesus Christ appeared not by chance

It is noteworthy that Eli suffers from Crohn’s disease – a chronic inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. The woman was always afraid that her deplorable state may adversely affect her health a child being born. However, now she is afraid no longer so strong. “It seems to me that God thus decided to tell me that A recovery awaits me, and my baby will be spared the consequences of my ailment, “the American said.

A photo from open sources

The pregnant gynecologist, Dr. Michael Broder, claims that “the image of crucifixion” is actually a developing central fetal nervous system. However, this does not contradict the point view of those who saw a miracle in this picture. The doctor and himself confirms that he never saw anything for his practice like that. “We are, of course, sure that this is the central nervous child’s system, but still it’s worth recognizing that it really very similar to crucifixion, “agrees Broder.


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