Once a plane landed in Venezuela from of the past

Once a plane from the past landed in VenezuelaPhoto from open sources

In 1992, at the airport of Venezuelan Caracas Airport landed an American charter plane “Douglas DC-4”, on whose board were 57 passengers. the most amazing lies in the fact that in 1955 this airliner is mysterious vanished while flying from New York to Miami.

And then he reappeared in our world – after 37 years. It would seem that – sensation! However, it took only a few minutes after it touchdowns like a ghost plane from the past soared into heaven to disappear again without a trace …

In support of this fantastic case, there is evidence several witnesses, as well as a taped conversation by radio communication between the pilot of the aircraft and the dispatcher. Airport control officers who were then present at landing a phantom plane, all as one, argue that the way it is and it was, while their testimony is very similar. Ramon Estovar – Deputy Head of the Venezuelan Ministry of Civil aviation – also confirms that the pilot then dropped on the take-off track a small calendar of 1955 – a real artifact from of the past.

A photo from open sources

Dispatcher Juan de la Corte says the following: “I am my I saw this plane with my eyes and heard the voice of its pilot. I still I can not believe it. We gave permission to land, although not could understand how a plane flying in Miami could find itself in 1800 kilometers to your destination. We were even more amazed were even shocked when the landing strip landed propeller plane, which is the place in the museum of aircraft, but not in modern airspace. At the same time, radars do not even spotted him. When I informed the pilot that now is 1992 (he me asked about it, because he couldn’t understand much), he began talk to me like crazy, but I probably did that same in relation to him. God alone knows where these people were all it’s time and where are they now. ”

It is possible that the plane flew into the more distant future.

Apparently, as experts studying such supernatural phenomena, the aircraft got lost as in space and time. When the “Douglas DC-4” landed in airport, the pilots in his cockpit immediately glared at the standing jet planes nearby, as if they saw on the runway spaceships. It was worth getting closer to the propeller airplane tankers and ground service personnel, like pilots from the past scaredly reported on the walkie-talkie, so that they would not be approached, they launched engines and … flew away. Perhaps this time forever …

A photo from open sources

In their own way, they, of course, are very sorry, especially passengers, which, as Juan de la Corte recalls, at the time of the take-off, clung to the windows, and on their faces could be read real horror. And yet – a cry for help. But who and how could he moment to help …

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