One-eyed “deity” was born in India

One-eyed was born in IndiaPhotos from open sources of

In the Indian village of Assam, an unusual kid was born with with one eye. According to veterinarians, the cub should not have lived and several days, since animals with a similar developmental defect die almost immediately after birth. However, this cyclops deceived all the expectations of doctors and lived for more than a week. At present time he runs with other animals on the farm and leads normal for livestock.

Mutant owner Mukhuri Das says: “We never saw nothing like that before. Everyone believes that this is a real miracle, and the kid is a divine messenger. We are very lucky that he was born precisely with our goat. ”

A photo from open sources

Residents of the village, struck by the appearance of a one-eyed kid, considered that cyclops is a sacred animal, and some Indians even called him the embodiment of one of the gods. Villagers with reverently place Das’s house in order to see this amazing animal firsthand.

The one-eyed mutant, by the way, lacks one more ear. A goat cub looks rather creepy, but behaves completely normal and shows no signs of mental backwardness. However, veterinarians from the nearest town claim that the cyclops can die at any moment. Muhuri hopes that unusual cattle will live on.

A photo from open sources

One-eyed monsters are found not only in ancient Greek mythology. Sometimes such freaks are born in real life. of life. Cyclops can be born in many vertebrates, including humans. They are victims of a malformation called cyclocephaly. The disease manifests itself in the fetus in the early stages, when it begins brain and eyes are formed. For some reason, the cerebral hemispheres the fetus does not separate, while the eyeballs are fused. It turns out one single eye socket, which houses big eye.

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