One of the most mysterious abilities of man – memory

One of the most mysterious abilities of man - memoryA photo from open sources Scientists dealing with problems of the human brain, it was determined that its cells are updated every two or three days, that is, on the third day there is nothing left in it that could preserve memories of the past. In that case, where is our memory located

It turns out that memory is far from being a brain function, so no one plainly today still does not know where it is and how it is arranged. there is the opinion that memory is dispersed throughout all the cells of our body, then there is every smallest particle of it has its own memory, which is then grouped into some general, more global structures, for example, memory of the heart, memory of the liver, and finally ours shared memory as an individual.

There is an opinion that memory is generally beyond of our physical body, and that this is some kind of metaphysical structure, which for this reason does not disappear after death physical shell.

On the other hand, modern research in this area even already find the possibility of creating secret weapons that destroys the memory of a person, why such people (lost memory) getting bigger and bigger. However, in this case, the person loses not everything, but only part of his memory.

In any case, it is memory that makes us intelligent beings and determines the social progress of society, the spiritual development of human and even the transfer of knowledge from our one transformation into another, as esotericists say.

The documentary film In the Power of the Mind answers many questions regarding this interesting and in many ways still a mysterious topic.

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