One Russian defeated all Chinese in chess national team

One Russian defeated the entire Chinese team in chessA photo from open sources Twenty-five-year-old Crimean Sergei Karjakin beat the entire Chinese chess team alone. Russian grandmaster made his triumphal performance in the first part international chess match held in Fuyuan area PRC.

Sergey was born in the Crimean capital Simferopol. Showing off amazing ability to play chess, a young man in nineteen years old adopted the citizenship of the Russian Federation and became a member Russian team. At the age of twelve, the name of Karjakin was entered in the Guinness Book of Records – Russian boy became the youngest grandmaster in human history.

At past competitions, the athlete consistently beat Wei And, Ding Liren, Ni Hua and Yuya Yangyi. The party during which classic time control ended in a draw, but during Blitz, our compatriot won two victories. Official website Russian Chess Federation reports that today RF account leaves 4: 0 in our favor. Regarding the second part match, then it will be held from the twelfth to the seventeenth of December in Chinese city of Harbin. Five will be played during her parties.

Recall that not so long ago, chess was finally recognized Olympic sport. The first Olympic competitions in board logic game should take place three years later on Winter Olympics in South Korea.


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