Our children see what we do not see

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“Mom, look, there is Terrible!” – my child poked a finger at corner of the nursery. In the corner stood a wardrobe. Where’s the scary? How scary? My questions were left unanswered. Baby only three years old, and he still had no penchant for fantasies. Nevertheless, he persistently pointed his finger at the well-lit corner and repeated: “Look, there is Terrible!” Some hints of fright there was no voice in his voice. So then I chose to get out of my head the words of the son. “The closet is really not so hot, even the child sees,” – I decided, looking at the monstrous piece of furniture. Naturally, on this is not the end of the story. I must say that we then lived on rented apartment in the area of ​​Morozov street in Syktyvkar. About who lived there before us, had a vague idea. From time to time to me I had to leave the child to younger sisters, of whom I have two. IN different days of a child, both pointed to a corner with a closet, repeated the same phrase about “Terrible” and smiled sweetly. However, my assistants were not laughing. They complained of a strong fear, decreased sleep and appetite. I don’t know if these events were somehow connected, but soon after appearing in the apartment “one I don’t know whom,” a mirror cracked in the other room. Once, someone touched a computer chair. It immediately rolled and crashed into a mirror. Since then, everyone could see in it only split reflection. I grew up on the meager soil of scientific atheism. The pioneers were not told about the “scary” and about how they behaved with them to lead. Flaming pentagrams with a portrait of Lenin could have been attributed to Masonic symbolism as a stretch and ranked among the world of mysteries and secrets. But we saw in them simple icons – pieces of iron, enameled. So now I saw nothing in the corner, except ugly closet. Functionally, he has not yet served. That’s why I am I decided to start to remove it from sight, rearrange it. Angle empty. Imagine my surprise when literally in a couple days, the son again discovered the “Terrible” already in an empty corner. I am somewhat got nervous. “Our Father, Thou art in heaven …” – I thrice sounded in the corner the only prayer that she knew, and just in case the case dawned on a corner with a sign of the cross. “Good that no one has me sees, go, it’s like a crazy woman, “I thought. For some time we managed to forget about the suspicious neighborhood. But not even months, as “Terrible” made itself felt. Moreover, in the usual in the corner he was not alone. With him was, according to the descriptions of the child, someone smaller. I tried to find out from my son the details of suspicious evil spirits and their behavior: “They say something?” “No,” the child answered, “the Terrible does so.” He waved index finger near the face, twisted his head and something indistinctly rumbled. Something like “don’t do it” in meaning or “not shawl.” I rummaged in my memory and remembered that in folklore one sign of evil spirits was the inability to possess human speech, distortion of it or just dumbness. Of the same nooks and crannies memories of how to cajole brownies. I poured some milk in a saucer, took a couple of sweets and put this stuff into a corner. Naturally, after a couple of days, milk safely turned sour. Did the “Terrible” and the little one who was with him, sip at least a little from the saucer, set not managed. The fact that the milk has become somewhat less could be guilty natural evaporation process. And again, everything calmed down. But somehow, already in the morning, “Terrible” decided to appear to me. And not one. However, I can not say that it was in reality. There is such a category of dreams when you dream, for example, that you get up, brush your teeth, dress, drink coffee. And the moment you are already open the door to go to work, you wake up and You find yourself overslept. And now you are not waiting for a cup of coffee, but thrashing from the authorities. In my dream, if it was a dream, I opened eyes, because I felt someone’s presence. In the corner of the room A man with a full beard stood and looked at me. The man was dressed in dark pants, a light shirt, belted with a rope, and a hat. Next to him was a healthy black cat. Both eyes are somehow strange shone. Despite the fact that this man looked like a man, there was nothing human in him. This scene itself, ordinary and the same time is very scary, it scared me a lot. “Who are you?” – I asked. “Hunter,” he replied, and moved toward me. IN in horror, I began to baptize him and whisper a prayer. Scum right there disappeared, and I fell asleep again. That evening, we gathered with sisters to discuss the problem. They remembered that although our house new, but it is located next to the forest, and beyond it cemetery. After briefly sharing terrible impressions and subsequent experiences, the boyfriend of one of the sisters was called. is he brought us church candles and blessed water. Arriving, said: “At you indigo child! “” That was still not enough, “I thought. The cultist exchanged accessories for the cult for my sisters, took the girls to some entertainment facility – relieve stress. And my son and I ran around the apartment to smoke candles and spray water. Amen – the child repeated after me. This time we went crazy collectively, and again I was glad that no one was seeing us. When the manipulation were completed, the son joyfully said: “Mom, we won!” “Amen, – I replied – that is, cheers! “Soon, we increased the rent. I I remembered that in the same England, haunted houses are more expensive. Not really tormented by doubts, I quickly found a new apartment, in which my son and I have been living for six months. She can’t afford it. Yes and ghosts no longer bother us. Newspaper “Red Banner”

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