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Today, more and more researchers are inclined to believe that everyone man has the possibility of out-of-body travel. And this his ability is innate.

However, it was very beneficial for someone to deprive a person of such abilities, forcing through certain manipulations with consciously stuck in the gross material world, believing that this is the only possible form of existence. Thereby man turned into a slave, creating from morning to evening “material values” that give him nothing but more dependence on this world and even more immersion in slavery.

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True, in recent years, man began to gradually free himself. from his “material illusion”, and therefore out-of-body travel more and more become our reality, and sometimes even regardless of human knowledge and aspirations. Many explain this. the fact that this is how the new sixth race is born, which, finally, put an end to the yoke of world government – this dark force, established the rule of law on Earth, betrayal and lies.

Out of body travel classification

All trips outside the body can be divided into several types. The simplest and most familiar for everyone are dreams. Still ancient the sages said that during sleep the soul leaves the body and sent to a subtle world unknown to us.

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Lucid dreams

That’s why it’s so important not just to sleep, but to learn to be aware dreams. According to the instructions of the same wise, in a dream on the subtle plane we often see what is yet to manifest in our material world. Hence the opportunity to change something in a dream for the better side, thereby improving and facilitating their material fate. For example, we kill a snake in a dream, thereby eliminating our disease physical body. But will we destroy the snake in a dream, if not realize what it is and why? In a dream, we often get answers to questions tormenting us, not to mention prophetic dreams …

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See through obstacles and distances

The second type of travel outside the body is the ability to see through distances and obstacles. Unlike lucid dreams, which probably everyone experienced the ability to see beyond distance and of time – a rather rare phenomenon that spontaneously occurs in very few people. Most often this is learned in various spiritual schools, and today – also at numerous paid courses. For example, the school of V. Bronnikov allows a person to see with closed eyes and much more.

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Spontaneous immersion in the astral

The third type of out-of-body travel is involuntary immersion in the subtle astral world. At this time, a person can see around you a completely different “reality”. Usually, such people are simply called crazy, put in appropriate clinics and begin to kill with drugs. Quite a few true, and those who enjoy such spontaneous travels in astral without much harm to his mind. That was, to For example, Robert Allan Monroe, famous for describing his astral travel. According to him, only those who for some reason plunged into the astral plane (say, because severe stress), but could not get out of it.

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Conscious out-of-body travel

And finally, the fourth type of travel in the astral plane is the conscious and controlled way that is perfectly possessed great magicians, clairvoyants, shamans, spiritual teachers, and so on. They can, at their request, send their subtle body to any point of space and time. Many people learn to be conscious. out-of-body travel and achieve some success, however here a lot depends on the personality itself, its genius or something. For example, such an out-of-body traveler was a great Russian scientist K. Tsiolkovsky and brilliant artist N. Roerich. At the last in the diary even has an entry according to which he met in the astral with his teacher Tsiolkovsky, received from him many good advice and even found out the date of his death.

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“Phase” as an out-of-body travel portal

Researchers of the issue we are considering claim that in we are currently on the verge of many unrealized human capabilities begin to wake up in him, despite everything the efforts of puppeteers to keep humanity in darkness and ignorance. Confirmation of this is return and wide distribution. ancient knowledge, the emergence of indigo children – representatives of a new race, and, ultimately, the desire of an increasingly large part of humanity to out-of-body travels and experiences.

We suggest you watch a documentary in which the issue of the so-called “phase” – the border human condition between our material and astral worlds. The “phase” theory provides an explanation for many mysterious phenomena, for example, kidnapping by aliens, vision of angels and God, and so Further.

Snake Time

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