Over China, a strange thing arose again anomaly

A strange anomaly has reappeared over China.Photo from open sources

Recently, people in China are increasingly faced with the fact that in the sky above an area of ​​the country anomalies appear in the form “mirages of cities”, huge alien ships or some monsters. The other day in the night sky over the eastern city of Jinan another strange vision appeared that locals right there dubbed the “door to heaven.”

This perplexed not only the Chinese themselves, but also numerous Internet users where the video (see below) has leaked almost lightning fast and immediately spread over numerous social networks and other sites corresponding subjects. The most common assumption from users it became that a mole hole was opened above the city of Jinan in another world, as one of ufologists aptly noted, “the door to the Universe opened up. ”

There were other interesting and even funny assumptions, for example it’s a fabulous carpet rug or a demo giant mobile phone. More sober researchers and, of course, eternal skeptics are sure that this is not an anomaly, but just a kind of projection of a searchlight onto dense the clouds.

However, the inhabitants did not seem to be very happy with this explanation, in they immediately remembered the answer to it and the skyscrapers in the sky of China, and entire cities, and much more, that under the “projection of the spotlight” does not not suitable. Rather, it’s a “Fata Morgana,” that is, a complex mirage forms, but the “heavenly gates”, as a portal to another reality, arranged most of the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom. Or maybe in fact portal?..

China Portals

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