Over New York, a parallel appeared in the sky world

A parallel world has appeared in the sky over New YorkPhoto from open sources

Such a phenomenon as the manifestation of some other world in heaven – the phenomenon is quite common. It has been described at all times, and in our time people in different parts of the world are faced with this a fantastic breakthrough, for example, more recently, the mysterious The megalopolis among the clouds was watched by the inhabitants of China. And last year a city floating in the sky, emitting bright light, residents saw Nigeria, who even discerned cars and trees in it characteristic city sounds.

And now a new mystical phenomenon – now in the sky over New York among the clouds loomed a crowd of mysterious, clearly human silhouettes, which seriously puzzled and even scared many Americans.

A photo from open sources

A crowd of giant aliens appeared in a layer of luminous clouds, as the witness wrote, taking a picture is fantastic a heavenly phenomenon and then posted pictures on the Internet. Such sensation, if you look closely, the author explains that the crowd of a parallel world is watching us, for example, we are watching microbes in a microscope.

A photo from open sources

Many progressive researchers (orthodox from science in we won’t take attention, because they have answers to everything the framework of the textbooks they invented) suggest that such short breaks from an alternative dimension (parallel peace) are quite possible. Moreover, we can observe this as obscure silhouettes that today’s American shows us case in New York or recent in China, or even see clearly and hear parallel reality, as was the case with residents the African village of Dudali in Nigeria.

Some religious Americans took the crowd aliens in the clouds for the heavenly sign that promises America big woes. However, at all times people were afraid of such signs, because they couldn’t explain them, but existing religions used any reason to support fear in people heavenly punishment – for our grave sins …

China Parallel Worlds

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