Over the American city of Tasla spotted unusual cloud

An unusual cloud was noticed over the American city of TaslaA photo from open sources

At the end of January, an American is above the city of Tasla (Oklahoma) Shannon filmed a huge UFO in the form of a disc hiding in the clouds. This caused surprise among the residents of Tasla itself, since no one else saw this “flying saucer” (at least no one took the liberty to admit it). Moreover, according to According to Shannon, this disc was still emitting a very nasty vibrating sound – no one in the city heard it either.

Ufologists tried to somehow explain this strangeness, but the most convincing evidence that over tasla something incredible is really happening, the photos have become one resident of this city who noticed and shot on February 1 smartphone amazing pyramid cloud.

A photo from open sources

Of course, this “fabulous vision” can be blamed on lenticular clouds, a phenomenon quite rare in nature, but still natural. And although such cloud constructions are often confused with “flying saucers” of aliens, in reality these are clouds, although not quite “normal”.

But what’s amazing, ufologists (for example, watch the video a little below, uploaded to YouTube Mrmb333) reviewed by many similar rare celestial phenomena and concluded that clouds in the form no one has ever seen a clear pyramid – neither simple nor lenticular.

Moreover, the author of this image himself assured ufologists that the cloud not just hit him, it seemed to mesmerize – from him it was hard to tear my eyes away. By the way, let’s say that the inhabitants of the city Tasla and this anomaly were not noticed. In any case, again, no one, except the author and the only witness to the pyramid cloud, not admitted it.


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