Over the volcano in Hawaii filmed rare atmospheric phenomenon

A rare atmospheric phenomenon filmed over a volcano in HawaiiA photo from open sources

Amazing rays were captured on the night of February 13-14 this year over Hawaii.

Webcam Video Recorded Below The Gemini American Observatory is generally full of mysteries. First you can see several beige light poles above the volcano Mauna Kea. In the background, it is unclear why they glow the clouds. Then a giant shines suddenly three times right on the volcano blue ray. You might think that this is a scene straight from the Bible, demonstrating the meeting of Moses with the Lord on Mount Sinai, on which the ten commandments were granted to the prophet.

The author of the find was the Spaniard Frankie Lucena, who looked camera online. A man recorded a video from his own screen computer and greatly accelerated it to demonstrate to ufologists and ordinary web users all the anomalies that occurred over Mauna Kea that night. Lucena doesn’t believe too much in religious miracles, but eagerly says that the recording device Hawaiian Observatory probably managed to capture activity representatives of extraterrestrial civilization.

True, there is still a relatively well-known atmospheric a phenomenon called “light poles” when above ground vertical streaks of light form. However, in the southern the latitudes where Hawaii is located, it is never observed, since it is necessary to have ice crystals in the air, from which reflects sunlight. In addition, the above diagonal rays of blue light cannot be explained at all no natural phenomena. What was it then? ..


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