Over Vladivostok – amazing clouds

Above Vladivostok - amazing cloudsPhotos from open Unusual clouds – a phenomenon in the sky, although rare, but quite natural. But this unusualness is different: one thing, when the “white-haired horses” themselves line up in something curly and exclusive, and another – when these figures are clearly someone consciously made. But just by whom?

It is such amazing clouds yesterday around lunchtime appeared over the city of Vladivostok. It is no coincidence that they were turned attention is not two or three passers-by onlookers, but almost all the townspeople. AND on the Internet are full of photos and videos about this unusual heavenly phenomenon over the capital of the Russian Far East.

The opinion of the residents, of course, was divided: someone ranked them as the trail left by the plane (very doubtful!), someone thought about UFOs. Meteorologists are modestly silent on this subject, although scientists like always from a position of reason, they say that this is the most common effect Prandtl-Gloert, which is observed during the flight of an airplane for certain conditions of speed and humidity. That’s just for probability theory such unusual clouds should appear, albeit rarely, but – constantly, and not like that, as if supersonic the plane was invented only yesterday or it flew for the first time only yesterday over Vladivostok.

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