Pakistani boys in a mysterious way “disconnect” after sunset

Pakistani Boys in a Mysterious WayA photo from open sources

Two boys living in northern Pakistan, literally “shut off” daily after sunset. Thirteen Year Old Shaib Ahmed and his nine-year-old brother Abdul Rashid suffer so much rare and specific condition that other similar cases on the planet has not yet been recorded. Specialists examining children plan to name this syndrome in honor of their young patients.

In the daytime, brothers go to school, play with peers and help parents – in a word, do everything what should be done at their age. However, with at dusk, Shaib Ahmed and Abdul Rashid rush to their bedroom, so as not to lose consciousness right on the street or at home friends. As the sun sets, children in seconds paralyzes – they cannot walk, talk or just watch happening around.

You might think that young Pakistanis are so peculiarly falling asleep, however, doctors determined that this is not so. Every day boys as if falling into a short coma and leaving it the next morning, with the first rays of the sun. Currently a strange disease brothers are examined by doctors at a hospital in Islamabad. First experts suggested that children cannot do without solar of light, but this theory was rejected when it turned out that both the patient feels great during the day in completely dark indoors.

A photo from open sources

From this it was concluded that the condition of children is affected by time. days. Specialists are interested in how boys would behave in flight time to areas with other time zones. Is it possible to theoretically, Pakistanis will not recover at all if will continuously move around the Earth, constantly being on the dark side of the planet? Javed Akram, the attending physician of the brothers, claims that this case, unique in his practice, is a real challenge to something mysterious and unknown, however promises to do everything in his power in order to help the young compatriots.

Neighbors call Shaib Ahmed and Abdul Rashid “solar boys, “believing that this is not a disease, but a miracle. In short, the family in which the brothers live is very poor, therefore medical care for children financed by the government Pakistan.

Pakistan Sun Time

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