Parallel Worlds: A Strange Case the passenger

Parallel worlds: a case with a strange passengerPhoto from open sources

Some paranormal researchers in many the oddities of our reality see manifestation or the influence of parallel worlds, from where it comes to us, as they say, God knows, for example, yetis or even fabulous gnomes. Other explain this by a malfunction of the matrix (in which we supposedly live), still others are blamed on aliens. Academic science in this case just keeps silent …

We would attribute the story you are offered (user with nickname twonoteswivel from Reddit) to the case when they get into our world residents from the realities adjacent to us, but you can quite make up my opinion, since, frankly, in such cases it’s difficult say what it really is.

It happened in the UK last summer. Young a man that morning traditionally came to a bus stop, stopped by into the passenger compartment of the car of the route he needed, he sat down on an empty seat and … here noticed a strange girl on a covered parking bench. She was very unusually dressed, with a ridiculous backpack, not really combed, then behaved rather mysteriously. The girl suddenly broke loose and in for a split second flew into the cabin, being near the driver the bus. What were they talking about, the guy didn’t hear from his place, but apparently something strange passenger didn’t like, and she returned to a stop.

A photo from open sources

The bus soon set off, and after ten to fifteen minutes rolled up to the next stop, and here the author of this story almost opened his mouth in surprise: on a bench under a canopy and here everyone was sitting the same strange girl. Moreover, she is also swift (just with some fantastic speed) flew into the cabin, now bypassing driver, and flopped into an empty seat next to the guy.

Before he could catch his breath in surprise, like a mysterious the passenger took out a large plastic from her ridiculous backpack a glass of hot coffee (steam came from the glass, and the guy even noticed characteristic foam, as if the drink had just been made) and started drinking it. Moreover, it was not clear how she kept the coffee hot as not spilled it, moving so swiftly in space with a backpack behind.

A photo from open sources

At the next stop, the guy got out and since then has not seen a mysterious stranger on this route. Inquiring with acquaintances and even strangers about this strange girl, he’s even he didn’t recognize anything as if nobody had seen her except him.

On the Internet, this story, as one would expect, caused mixed reaction. Skeptical comments are omitted, they are alone common phrases, but here’s what’s interesting: many site users Reddit easily believed the twonoteswivel narrative. And you know why? They themselves in this life have faced similar mysterious cases that cannot be explained from the point of view of science and logic it turns out. And to whom to explain, if even friends and closest relatives, advising at best to anyone about it do not say, in the worst – turn to a psychiatrist …

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