Parallel worlds about which we have little know

Parallel worlds that we know little aboutA photo from open sources

If we are alone in the universe, then perhaps our brothers in Reason “dwell” in other parallel worlds? Why not allow our world to have its own “double”? In him inhabited planets may be, and their inhabitants may well to be like us. You may ask: where is the scientific evidence? Although indirect, there is evidence.

Parallel worlds exist!

Everyone probably knows the hypothesis of the existence of parallel worlds. The version that as a result of random quantum processes The Universe “multiplies” and forms a large number of its copies, very attractive.

A photo from open sources

You can also cross out the laws of physics and consider them pure. abstraction. More recently, researchers from European a space agency made a truly sensational discovery. With the help of heavy-duty telescopes, scientists have discovered in the universe abnormal areas that glow so brightly that this phenomenon simply does not comply with physical laws. This fact is confirmation of the theory of parallel worlds that can penetrate into each other, as if seeping out. And the “glowing spots” represent a trace of old contact with another space. Different dimensions may have different physical constants.

Ranga Ram Chari, Californian Egyptian Astrophysicist origin, analyzed a series of data and found a “noise”, which can be left only by the contact of two spheres. In these spheres, or bubbles, and the emergence of universes.

Mythology and modern physics about parallel worlds

At the Max Planck Observatory, Rang-Ram Chari managed to get photographs from space with the image of flashes, which, apparently, are the places of contact of two universes.

A photo from open sources

In this regard, the ancient Indian myth of the god Vishnu is recalled, which supports the entire universe and gives creation a boost. Every second, the pores of his body give rise to spherical “bubbles”, that is universes. As we see, the discoveries of modern scientists confirm ancient myths.

According to today’s popular multiverse hypothesis, the emergence of universes occurs at a short distance from one to other. In the place of their contact, bright rings appear – exactly the same as Chari found in the photographs.

We are simply not allowed into parallel worlds

Ancient sources say about the existence of another Universe repeatedly. It is noteworthy that Tsiolkovsky, the father of astronautics, believed in its existence, but said that we weren’t there never let. What did the brilliant scientist mean? Assuming that in a world parallel to ours, the ones known to us do not work physical laws, how do we get there? After all technologies that humans can create will be built in according to the standards of this, but not the neighboring world. About him to us nothing is known at all …

A photo from open sources

It turns out that the next discovery of scientists does not have for humanity of practical use? Not certainly in that way. It at least once again make us think: what about reality is the universe created? And what place does it occupy man and his yet imperfect consciousness? .. In the end it explains a phenomenon such as anomalous zones, which may well to be gates of time or gates to parallel worlds.

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