Parallel worlds and their amazing secrets

Parallel worlds and their amazing secretsPhoto from open sources

The presence of parallel worlds today is proved even by science, not to mention numerous stories when people really faced this mysterious phenomenon. And how many inhabitants of the earth annually just disappear from our world, apparently getting stuck forever in parallel reality? However, for those who have been there, not always this adventure passes without a trace. And it’s good if the changes these are for the good of man himself, as happened with the resident Spassk-Ryazan town by Victor Gurov.

A photo from open sources

That’s what his wife Natalya told about this amazing case Gurov:

This happened to Victor back in 1970, when he was in eighth grade. Once he agreed with friends go to bor. Victor came to the forest at the appointed time, but no one there did not meet. He stood, waited, from nothing to do, broke branches of bushes in hands. After waiting for friends for more than an hour, the boy spat on a venture take a walk with friends in the forest and returned home. And there are already three of him look for days, mother is in tears, the police are on their feet … Victor, to prove to his parents that he was not at home for an hour, he took them away to the place where he was breaking branches of bushes, and they are … dry, as if already several days lying around here. Since then in the boy something changed, there was a huge craving for sciences: biology, chemistry, astronomy, philosophy. Moreover, he absorbed knowledge in these subjects like a sponge water, it was enough for him to look at one or another book, as he remembered everything written in it, by heart. Unfortunately due Victor’s mother’s illness didn’t get higher education into science, and as a result, he became a simple driver. However knowledge obtained from numerous books, the desire to know the environment the world in its smallest manifestations, in it did not disappear, did not die out with over the years. He knew literally everything about the structure of the starry sky, he knew he knew all the plants growing in his region by heart them for healing purposes and much more. For example, Victor never came back from fishing or from a “quiet hunt” without rich trophies, since, as he claimed, he knew how to negotiate with the spirits of rivers and lakes and forests … However, Victor was very modest, he never boasted of his knowledge and did not use it to the detriment of other people, rather the opposite. He also died very surprisingly: one day, suddenly telling me a secret that he will not be tomorrow. Nothing is foreshadowed that tragedy, but everything happened the way he said …

Here they are – parallel worlds, mysterious and, often, possessing fantastic power to change the person who got into it through the looking glass even for a short while. More rarely, when people from parallel reality come to us. Unfortunately, we have such “guests” at best are called crazy, in the worst – power structures take them to an unknown destination and – forever and ever. But it’s interesting how they act in parallel worlds with people – with those who then do not return home? Really also inhumane? ..

Parallel Worlds Plants

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