Parallel worlds that constantly disturb soul

Parallel worlds that constantly disturb the soulA photo from open sources

A modern person with an inquiring mind is constantly disturbed by such issues like the presence of aliens on Earth and the presence of parallel worlds. Today there are already so many facts about UFOs and parallel universes that it seems they can only not believe in patient with skepticism. True, there is still official science and forever secret politicians who for some reason want to prove to the layman that this cannot be, because … and so on according to Chekhov.

In the new documentary “Parallel Worlds” collected fresh facts and evidence of the existence of wormholes, mysterious portals and tunnels that lead to other dimensions and other space. In fact, how to explain the disappearance of people, who then return after a few years without remembering anything and not even getting old? Where do people who are sure they come from lived in a completely different world, very similar to ours, but with different events, acquaintances, friends and even the closest and dearest relatives?

Finally, how to explain the famous Italian ghost train, who still travels along only one path led by him in time and space?

In the new film of the secret code hacked documentary project tells, for example, about amazing cases that occurred with the former captain of the third rank Igor Khlymov. When he was a sailor of the mine-torpedo part of the USSR, his boat in 1984 year pursued pirates in the Indian Ocean. At this time with a pirate ship rocket was launched, the death of a Soviet boat was inevitable when suddenly he gets into some kind of glowing tunnel, and then “emerges” from it elsewhere, far from pirates and completely unscathed. None of the boat crew then He didn’t tell anyone about this, trying to quickly forget what had happened: telling about this was tantamount to losing a rank, position, yes still get into a mental hospital.

A photo from open sources

The second case with Igor occurred much later. Once he collected mushrooms in the forest, when suddenly (yes, yes, “suddenly” again) the world around the mushroom picker became completely different? The sky has turned from blue to purple the landscape was unrecognizable (some ravines appeared), trees, bushes, even grass – everything became alien and terrible. Horrified Igor rushed to run – and he was lucky: by some miracle he managed return to your home world. By the way, the veracity of his stories then checked on a lie detector – the former military didn’t invented.

And there are a lot of such stories in the new documentary. IN it also examines the theory of the plurality of worlds physicist Hugh Everett, proposed by him back in 1957, but still has not recognized by official science.

So do parallel worlds exist? And why get there difficult, but returning is even more difficult? And can they only be fiction of science fiction and paranoid, as skeptics say, if so much information has already been accumulated about this? After all, even the mythical yeti and the mysterious Loch Ness monster just couldn’t stay until still elusive if they hadn’t had the opportunity to leave for some trait unknown to us. However, we watch videos and deeds of conclusions yourself …

Time Parallel Worlds

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