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If space lies in the plane of space, then parallel worlds – in the plane of time. Now it is becoming increasingly apparent that both space and time are equivalent dimensions of the universe, and therefore, until we learn how to manage time, we will to study only a tiny fraction of the world around us, not understanding how does it really work.

Take the following case: in 1994, a young woman appeared in Voronezh Irina, a woman who tried to pay in a store Soviet money, and then, realizing that she was in some in an unfamiliar world, presented the police with her Soviet passport, issued … in 1993. As evident from the story of Irina, she lives in a completely different world, where in 1991 a referendum was held, which allowed save the USSR. A year later, the American dollar collapsed, and in 1992 a goal The Soviet Union experienced an unprecedented rise, which was called economic miracle.

You can recall the ghost village Maryina Grove in the Ryazanshchina, in which rather prosperous fishermen lived. At the beginning twenties of the last century, when the country unfolded Lenin food surplus, Maryina grove suddenly disappeared, so the Red Army food detachment, who arrived to dekulakize the peasants of this rich village, had only to shrug in disbelief. Then, however, Maryina Grove several times “appeared” in our world, however, when the Bolsheviks sent a well-armed detachment, to deal with this devilry, the ghost village has already disappeared forever and ever.

Based on all these and many other amazing facts, scientists are trying to explain what it is all the same – parallel worlds. By the way, the solution to this mystery, which is for us for the family seals, which are more significant for humanity than space exploration. After all, it is from these looking glass that yetis come to us, appear strange animals, say, of the same Loch Ness lake, from there Apparently, UFOs are flying in too …

According to scientists, the presence of parallel worlds is also proof that the “fourth dimension” is not so straightforward, as we thought about him before, but because the creation of a time machine today does not seem fantastically impossible anymore.

About these and many other interesting breakthrough cases in parallel worlds that happen not only with individuals, and even with entire nations, about what the bright people think about this heads of humanity, watch the video.

Time Parallel Worlds of the USSR �

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