Paranormal encounters or double of take of the world

Paranormal encounters or double from the double worldA photo from open sources

This happened in the summer of 1995 in Lipetsk. Since I’m by kind I face many things in my profession that an ordinary person doesn’t suspects I’m used to everything. If something out of the ordinary happens coming out, I’m just trying to find an explanation for this. But the fact that happened that summer, went beyond what I’ve ever been talking about heard and read. Again, if you read about something in science fiction novels or even in historical sources, – this one. And when something transcendental happens to you, then it is perceived quite differently. Came to me … me. I began to frantically recall that it seems that Prince Vyazemsky saw yourself at the desk in your own apartment in Petersburg. It was in the 19th century. Reading the double written by the prince lost feelings. Then, they say, he took this note and this secret with myself to the grave … No, I absolutely adequately perceived the environment. Since I am a psychiatrist by training and specialized in psychotherapy, first I checked if the alien is not mine hallucination. He was real! From flesh and blood (blood could see through a microscope and do all the analyzes). Also saw him not just me. When he made sure that I was not crazy, he asked me for help. I could not refuse myself … He told me, who he is and how I ended up. Story too implausible to be true. So now I was almost mistook him for a psycho incredibly similar to me … But the fact that he told, it was not like nonsense. Moreover, he showed me a book called World History and was published in … 2007 New York in Russian. This night … a textbook for high schools I read. Doubts that this man was telling the truth, I have gone. I will briefly reproduce the story of my double. “As you know from a book, in 1917, like you, Oktyabrskaya won revolution. Do not be surprised that I know your story. I spent not one day in your libraries. So, until a certain time our story has evolved just like yours. Moreover, at first I I thought that this world of yours is not yours, but mine. The fact is that this you can’t explain right away … I’ll try to explain everything to you, although I’ll have to explain from the very beginning. “At that time, we sat in a pub and drank beer. There was a dictaphone on the table, and I wrote down everything that he told me said. So now I almost literally quote this entry with in small reductions. My double took a big sip of beer and said: “So, until about the beginning of the thirties our story was an exact copy of your story. I mean the story of my world. Yes, Imagine, I came from another world … “Then, frankly, the nerves mine could not stand it. I turned off the recorder and went out to ventilate to at least somehow digest it. No matter what they say, I’m completely not so imagined the aliens. Fifteen minutes later I came in yourself. I managed to pull myself together and I decided to listen to him the story to the end. He looked at me skeptically and said: “Not twitch like that … I understand that what I say will be for you incredible. But the fact is that this is true. So, in our world The Soviet Union in 1931 began a massive expansion, which in ultimately ended in 1945 with the victory of the World socialist revolution. So all the power in the world went to the Comintern. There is only one country left on Earth – the Union Soviet Socialist Republics that built communism. 5March 1953, Joseph Stalin died. At the World Congress of the Comintern was elected Secretary General of the party George Kalahan. And here it began … in a nutshell you can’t describe. The essence of his reforms was to two postulates. First. Everything that is produced is mined and sold, owned by the state. Second. Profit is then divided between everyone. Nothing bad, right? But the fact is that the state has taken on too much and failed to cope with everything by this. Everyone wanted to do nothing, but to get the maximum. Do you understand? Slowly but surely, the economy began to decline. Too many discontented and parasites appeared. Working day first reduced to six, then to four hours a day. Deficit everything was such that at first the money was canceled, because on them nothing could be bought. And then they introduced a coupon system, by which all goods were distributed. Propaganda trumpeted that communism came. Maybe it was, but it was just eating there is nothing. Hunger came. Spontaneously here and there began to arise hunger riots. The people demanded freedom, money, a new government and food. And then came the streak that our propaganda called “cleaning the ranks.” Dissatisfied declared, as under Stalin, enemies people and began to put in re-education camps without trial working people. Getting there was easy. It is impossible to get out of there. No, they didn’t kill anyone there, they didn’t torture, they didn’t rape. There just forced to work sixteen hours a day. Seven days a week. … Thirty years later, about a third of the population remained at large, which was afraid of everything and was absolutely loyal to the government. Two one third of the population was in camps and was deprived of all rights. Them fed, clothed, even allowed to have children, but they lived in the prison. That third of the population that remained at large is only nominally enjoyed the so-called freedom. All of us, in fact, were hostages of the situation, since the prospect of getting into camps no one was seduced. Officially, of course, communism triumphed worldwide. But in reality we were all slaves to the core. That’s how we and lived. The deep discontent with the regime was very strong among the people, but everyone was afraid to talk about it. Of course, there wasn’t wars. And science developed by leaps and bounds. We came close to the idea of ​​creating a time machine. And then they did and tested it. But We were in no hurry to report to the government. The intelligentsia has always lived their separate lives … And in our midst a thought arose try using a time machine to change something in the existing world. We thought for a long time, decided what to do and how. Later settled on this option. Since our device was experienced and not documented anywhere, I had to move on it to the past and prevent – no more, no less – birth our Secretary General. With a modern level of control over birth rate and with my doctor’s diploma it was not difficult for me implement. Of course, I had to go to misconduct and put someone to sleep … But what I had to do, I did. IN As a result, about a dozen bastards did not come into the world. It seemed to me, that the world from this will only become cleaner and better. But I was wrong. To think just how wrong I was! No, I did everything, as we planned … But, coming back, over and over again I didn’t get into my world, but into yours. Every now and again. Until I ran out of energy. Now was mine last try. And then I had enough energy only until this year. Apparently, what I did influenced the whole course of world history. And I not at all sure for the better. My world just stopped to exist … Instead of my world, your world has arisen. With these yours endless wars all over the world. With the collapse of the socialist system. With the rise of capitalism. With the same inequality and oppression some others. In fact, the same thing. Only in a different shell. I am in deep despair. I do not have your documents, money, work. Moreover, I know that the device on which I arrived at you, must be destroyed in order to avoid even greater evil. In all I need help with this. Except you, I have no one to turn to … “We drank beer. I did everything I could from what he asked me to. Although, by and large, I still regret it. Man like two drops of water like me, who came from that world that is bigger does not exist, left in an unknown direction. I’m not him anymore saw. V. Tormyshev, Lipetsk

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