Parents are sure their child is a child. the devil

An unprecedented incident recently occurred in the city of Lorica state Colombia. Parents of a newborn baby said their baby “obsessed with the devil.” It is reported by the British edition of The Daily Mail Photos from open sources Shot from the movie “Omen” How claims 28-year-old mother of a boy Ana Feria Santos, a child allegedly started walking at the age of one month and is able to pluck the hellish flame. The young woman is absolutely sure of this. Neighbors reaction was inadequate: they stoned their house. Panic and aggression that’s what brought into the calm and measured life of a little American town is an innocent kid. However, the doctors who examined child, claim that burns on his body, nothing to do with “devilish origin” do not have. Experts are convinced that this is a consequence of parental abuse. Ana Feria Santos, the boy’s mother told the Colombian radio station RCN that about months ago, a baby was born, however, special joy from the woman did not receive motherhood. According to Ana, very fast happiness from the awareness of motherhood grew into fear and horror. Female drew attention to some “abnormalities” that a child has, as a result, the mother came to the conclusion that her child is the devil who came to earth. According to the young woman, alarming that when the child was exactly one month old, he supposedly learned stand and even walk. She claims the newborn is acting as is usually portrayed in films by those into whom the impure force. It’s as if the boy was wandering around the house from room to room, giggles strangely and starts to stare intently, which is very frightening household members. Particularly striking is the fact that the baby stands on his feet in the same way. confidently, as an adult, walks and even runs around the house, as if to him not a few months old, but much older, the boy often hiding in different places – under the bed, in cabinets, and even climbs into a washing machine or refrigerator. Relevant social services, as well as the Colombian police, having examined the baby, came to the conclusion that on the palms of the boy, indeed, there are spots in the form of small burns. However staff law enforcement convinced that the origin of injuries – it is exclusively the fault of the father and mother, and no “unclean” spirit it doesn’t smell here. An official warning has been issued to parents State police have launched a thorough investigation into the incident. If the fault of the woman and her husband is proved, the couple faces serious punishment up to a prison term.

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