Passenger airplane shot a strange rectangular glow above the clouds in Kazakhstan

The passenger took off a strange rectangular glow above the clouds in KazakhstanA photo from open sources

We are scared and at the same time fascinated by everything that is not scientific or at least a logical explanation. For example, no one today surprise lightning, because the principle of their appearance and action to us “chewed” from school, although, admittedly, scientists still do not really know what it is.

But all that so far has no clear explanation, we perceive like a miracle. This is exactly what the passenger of the local airline plane took Kazakhstan (Almaty – Petropavlovsk), seeing in the window over clouds around the horizon a strange glow in the form the rectangle.

The Kazakh, of course, was quick to remove all this on his smartphone and later posted on the Internet with the usual question: who knows what it is? Naturally, no one knew, but right there some speculation and speculation appeared.

If it was something unusual, from an inexplicable area, then here and there’s nothing to guess. And yet, and suddenly an ordinary thing, just here so surprisingly manifested itself at that moment. And was born the version that some high-rise building is visible above the clouds. There are two of them in Kazakhstan: Esentai Tower in Almaty and Emerald Towers 1 in the capital Nur Sultan (200 and 240 meters respectively high).

A photo from open sources

Since practically nothing was known (nor flight altitude and the height of the clouds, nor the exact location of the aircraft at the time of this shooting), then the skyscraper roof glowing in the sun rolled in the form completely “digestible” version.

True, many Internet users immediately exposed it. criticized, and not without reason, and very reasoned. Believe to miracles – this is a great privilege of man, and he will never give it to anyone will not give up …

Tell me, would you see something similar that you thought about? ..

Kazakhstan Airplanes

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