Past Lives of Dr. Raymond Moody

Dr. Raymond Moody became world famous after going to light in 1975 of his book “Life After Life” in which he analyzed the stories of people who almost visited that the world and came to life when the doctors had already ascertained their death. Book instantly became a world bestseller, and Moody began to study another curious phenomenon, the so-called travels in the past of life. What came of it? Judge for yourself. Photos from open sources With the help of human hypnosis, you can return during childhood or youth and determine which event in past traumatized his psyche, having a significant impact on mental and physical condition and subsequent years. Replaying together with the patient this traumatic mental situation, the therapist often achieves significant improvement a patient, or even a complete cure. This practice has received name of hypnotic regression. In this therapy, the patient plunges in time no further than the date of his birth. However in in the process of such travels in the past, it sometimes happened that the patient seemed to slip his life and suddenly moved through time and space, feeling like a merchant in ancient Egypt or witch on the bonfire of the Inquisition. This unusual phenomenon is some began to be considered evidence of reincarnation, the belief in which with of ancient times is the central idea of ​​basic dogma and religious practices in the East. Reincarnation involves immortality of the soul, which again and again reborn in new bodies. Each new life is a kind of lesson, as a result whose human soul is becoming more and more harmonious. It is worth noting that the sage Plato believed in reincarnation, and the great the mathematician Pythagoras even claimed that he lived quite a lot lives, including the lives of a Trojan warrior, a shopkeeper, and even … prostitutes. According to some researchers, using hypnotic Regression people just fell into their past lives. * * * Many researchers are quite skeptical about traveling to past lives with hypnotic regression, simply counting them waking dreams or hidden fantasies of patients. About the same Raymond Moody also related to this phenomenon, however, after publication his famous book “Life after life” began to come to him hundreds of letters in which people shared with him their memories of past lives. These letters made the scientist take seriously this problem, and the personal experience of the researcher served as a powerful the impetus for the start of an exciting biennial study. One thing hear about travels in past lives, ironically stating that everyone is likely to be Napoleon or Cleopatra, another thing is to experience a similar regression on yourself. When a friend Dr. Moody, a psychologist, Diana Denholm, invited him to visit his past lives, the scientist could not even imagine how exciting and vivid will be his impressions of this journey. So, Moody was comfortably seated in a chair, and Diana Denholm sank him into a deep trance. In his first incarnation, Moody was some protogumanoid, a kind of transitional link between a monkey and a man … He lived in the trees with his relatives, building huge nests on them. “I moved to half bent position, with his arms dangling at the feet. I could with difficulty straightening up, but if speed and agility were required, moved on four limbs, “Moody writes in his book. They were not yet able to talk to these proto-people and had a certain fear for life below, outside the trees. The feelings of this incarnation were so bright that Moody literally felt like by his the juice flows from the chin to the fruit that he snapped in the distant past … following his life, the scientist turned out to be a black teenager in one from African tribes, it was difficult to determine the historical era, it could be both before our era and in a relatively more near times. In the third incarnation, Moody saw himself an old shipbuilder. He was busy in the workshop with his little granddaughter telling her about the appointment of various tools. Then he took her with him to ride a boat. And here the unexpected happened: suddenly a huge wave hit boat and turned it over. Going to the bottom, Moody experienced a painful feeling guilty of becoming the culprit of the death of his granddaughter. Right after of this catastrophe, the scientist was in the detachment of primitive hunters, fiercely attacking a mammoth. Animal skin covered only chest and shoulders, it was cold and scary, especially when the mammoth caught the trunk of one of the hunters and crushed his skull … We will not dwell on an incarnation in which Moody was a simple worker at the dawn of civilization and literally starving to death with his wife, we go straight to the sixth incarnation, which, perhaps, most struck the traveler in past lives. On this since he ended up in civilization, which he finally could recognize, was Ancient Rome, Moody found himself in a pit into which he was about to were supposed to launch a lion … In this life, the scientist was a prisoner the Romans, from the pit he looked at an audience that was looking forward bloody sight. Here the heck clicked, and the lion jumped … When a terrible beast was already clenching its jaw on the skull of its victim, Moody transferred to his seventh life. It also took place in ancient Rome, but this time he was not a prisoner, but a noble man, about this testified to magnificent apartments. However, in this life the end was clearly sad when Moody in white toga enjoying lying on the couch, his excited son ran in and reported that the crowd commoners tearing at the gate. He began to reassure him, but when looked out the window, he was seized with genuine fear: a huge the angry crowd could no longer hold back a handful of bewildered guards, to the terrible end there was clearly not much left … In the next incarnation, the scientist felt like a trader somewhere in the Middle In the east, he had his own little jewelry shop. The trade was on not bad, and especially he was proud of his red brick house, which with one wall adjoined directly to the mountain. Once when he returned home, he felt a strange oppressive silence, heart squeezed foreboding of trouble. Entering the bedroom, he saw his dead wife and three young children, they were stabbed by robbers. Feeling of grief was so piercing that it became clear: this is his life ended right after this tragedy. Last incarnation Moody presented another surprise, this time he was … a woman, a Chinese artist. The joy of creativity, admiration the splendor of nature, close relationships with friends and relatives – everything was in this life, but its end was also terrible – impoverished an old artist was strangled by some young villain. He is nothing took in her house, killed only for the sake of the murder process … When Denholm led Moody out of a hypnotic trance, it turned out that on a journey through his nine past lives he spent only one hour. Impressions from the past were so vivid that for a while the scientist was simply stunned, silent, and in his head insistently sounded questions caused by so unusual for him experience. “Regressions are not like dreams or dreams. They carry in yourself feeling familiar with them. I seemed to recall them, but in no way didn’t invent it, “- this is what Moody was most puzzled by. scientist and the fact that in some incarnations he sometimes seemed to observe all from the side, only occasionally feeling in the body of the next incarnations. Curiously, although the scientist survived such an incomparable a journey into the past, he did not consider it convincing proof of reincarnation, but decided only to hold his own research on this phenomenon. “Fifty psychology students who studied with Moody enthusiastically agreed to participate in his experiments. As a result of a 2 year studies, the scientist managed to identify 12 signs that are either characterized hypnotic regression in past lives, here just a few of them: images of past lives, usually visual * * * did Raymond Moody believe after his research to reincarnation? According to the scientist, we still know too little about your brain, perhaps past life regressions are fantasies of our brain with which it fills the resting phase when the hypnotist as if disconnects him from the problems connected with the current life. And all same title of the book “Life Before Life”, which ultimately all Moody’s research on this topic was reflected, speaks for itself. And the relation of its author to the reality of the past his life is most characterized by the following lines: “Me recently asked: “If a hearing would take place, at which needed to be decided whether reincarnation exists or not, what would a jury decide? “I think he would rule in favor of reincarnation. Most people are too stunned by their past. life so they can explain them differently. “Fedor PERFILOV

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