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Which of us in childhood was not surprised at the miracle of nature – fireflies? A moving little luminous bug evoked a joyful feeling. trembling delight and amazement. Now imagine going to you in the night of a man glowing in the dark. Probably feelings will be a little different.

Girl from Livorno (Italy), 1973

Six-year-old Cornelli Bianca fell ill with scarlet fever. Parents were wealthy people and could afford not to put the girl in hospital, and leave her at home, hiring an experienced carer. In one of nights, the nanny jumped out of Bianca’s room and woke her parents girls. Cautiously entering the room, they saw that their hands and face daughters as if illuminated from the inside. The girl herself was sleeping calmly breathed evenly, they didn’t wake her.

Careful inquiries in the morning yielded nothing. The girl doesn’t could understand what these strange adults wanted from her. About a week while the girl was sick, father and mother watched at night strange the glow of their daughter, with fear awaiting the consequences. But trouble not followed. The girl recovered and stopped glowing.

The described strange case is not the only one. In the archives, in the old newspapers can find many references to the phenomenon of luminous people.

Nikolay Evdokimenko, Taganrog, 1913

Nikolai was born into a family of hereditary acrobat circus artists and intended to continue the dynasty. But once in training fell and broke his leg. The turning point was the hardest about the acrobat profession had to forget. Unable to part with the circus, Nikolai remained work as a watchman. Somehow during one of the night vigils Nikolai noticed that his hands were glowing. He rushed to the mirror and saw that not only his hands, but also his shoulders and head.

Doctor, whom Nikolai addressed with his misfortune, no I did not find any deviations in the patient’s health. But Nicholas didn’t need as much a therapist as a psychologist. The poor man was terribly scared what happened. The doctor, among other things, turned out to be an excellent psychotherapist and convinced Nicholas that it was not trouble that fell on him, but happiness.

Very soon in the circus program appeared the number “Firefly Man”. Nikolai juggled with burning torches, then the lights went out and in the dark viewers saw a flying torch, a luminous head, shoulders and flickering hands, as if torn from the body. The number has become a nail programs.

The luminaries of medicine have repeatedly tried to examine Evdokimenko, but Nikolai didn’t let them in, for fear that during the medical Research may lose its unique gift. Only once he decided to hand himself over to the Aesculapius in exchange for an official confirmation that its glow is of a natural nature, and not is a circus trick.

Anna Monaro, Pirano (Italy), 1934

Anna Monaro was an elderly devout seigneur with asthma. Once her worried relatives told the attending physician that at night a blue light shines from Anna’s chest.

Cursed by curiosity, the doctor visited the seigneur at night to look at the amazing glow. Visited, saw nothing I understood and brought several of my colleagues of various specializations. Each of them put forward his theory about the causes of the strange phenomenon, all theories contradicted each other.

The situation was resolved by the local padre who announced that “this is testimony of the grace of the Lord that descended on the lord, as a reward for her pious life! ”

They decided on that.

Thi Nga, Vietnam, 2014

Thi Nga from a small Vietnamese village began to glow a few years ago. From her legs, arms and body come golden rays, a halo is visible around the head. Parents drove the girl to Saigon to to doctors. After several days of examination, the doctors diagnosed: and hell knows, thi is absolutely healthy, no deviations not.

Disappointed with doctors, parents began to carry the girl already healers. One of them explained to his parents that he had acquired a girl the good spirit of peace and harmony, and Thi will bring peace to the world and joy. Now, little Thi Nga is invited to the houses where they settled discord and quarrel, people come to her in order to calm their heart and soul. Neighbors claim that since little thi began glow, their village has become the most peaceful and happy place in all of Vietnam.

Nothing unusual?

Scientists are aware of the phenomenon of light emission by living organisms and called bioluminescence. Mushrooms glow, many glow marine organisms. This is due to the presence of luminescent bacteria containing biochemical substances luciferase and luciferin. It is because of them that the fireflies glow.

A person also glows, but with a very low intensity, which can only be detected using special equipment. In science this effect is called superweak glow. Maybe here and clue lies? But in this case, the whole body should glow, and not just its individual parts. Yes, and increased bioluminescence? person to the visible part of the spectrum is inexplicable.

So for now, luminous people remain a mystery along with torch people and people who don’t burn in flames.

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