People living in two worlds

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Stories about traveling to other dimensions are not uncommon. However, at all times there were people who could get there and back of their own free will. Of course, they were helped by this magical gift. So, in the jungle of New Guinea there is a tribe of oolugs, representatives who claim to live simultaneously in two worlds: in our world and land of shadows. Falling into a trance, oolugi fall into the Country shadows, where savages similar in descriptions to Neanderthals live, and also winged monkeys and giant ants. In the land of shadows people can perform various miracles – for example, jumping a few tens of meters in height.

According to scientists, oolugi do indeed flow from time to time. in a daze, on their bodies it is not known where the wounds originate from, and in hands appear knives, whose arms are decorated with purple crystals emitting heat. Study of one of these crystals showed that it has an extraterrestrial origin … And with what is trance here? Journalist Vladimir Smelyansky talks about old woman living in the outback of Tver, which locals consider a witch. Somehow after the fall, a young woman named Anna went to collect cranberries in a swamp. I didn’t come home in the evening. The neighbors rushed to look for her, but the search was in vain. All decided that their fellow villager was dead. But ten days later Anna came back. She was not at all like a man wandering around swamps – the clothes remained whole and clean, no signs of illness or exhaustion … Only now Anna’s eyes from the blue somehow became green. In response to persistent inquiries, Anna told one thing. Having picked cranberries in a basket, she decided to rest on a small an island in the middle of a swamp. Crouched on a round stone. Although in the evening already colder, it turned out to be warm, almost hot. Warming up the woman dozed off, and when she woke up, she found herself in some kind of another place – huge flowers that she had not seen before grew around, butterflies and dragonflies were flying, for some reason the size of pigeons. Were there and people, but not like ordinary ones – with greenish translucent bodies. They spoke a strange language and invited Anna to round house where they showed her a big ball. Inside it flickered color pictures. She saw strange cities, green people, flying through the sky with wings. Then the guest was taken to a small a dark room, and suddenly she saw herself in the outskirts of the village … Ever her fellow villagers are convinced that she is known with evil spirits. Father and son from Leningrad, who became victims of the poltergeist in his apartment, decided to go south in the summer. In the train compartment poltergeist continued to terrorize them: notes from threats, and in the vestibule a brick fell over a man’s head … Someone from passengers told these people that there will soon be a station where he lives some old man who can help in such trouble … A man with the boy obeyed and went down to the indicated place, then for a long time get by bus and walk to the desired village. Old man not even what did not ask about. He explained that all misfortunes are the work of neighbors, who want to survive them from home and for this turned to their village cousin sorceress. At the same time, he described the appearance neighbors. Everything coincided … Grandfather said that now the house will calmly, and the witch will be punished. And so it happened. Father with just in case, the son wrote down the address of the old man and kept it. But Then the leaflet with the address disappeared somewhere. They began to search on the map the name of the village, however, it turned out that none of them can accuracy to remember him. Either Sheburovo, or Shchebutovo … Nothing similar in the atlas did not appear. A year later, father decided from curiosity to travel to those parts with a friend by car. But on the spot the villages turned out to be just a forest and a field … They began to question the surrounding residents and found out that there really was once a village but only a very long time before the war. About the mysterious old witch nothing was known either … Apparently, one of two parallel worlds (it can be, for example, the past or the future) nevertheless, is for these characters a place of “main registration”, and in neighboring they are sent as if “on a business trip.” how this space-time transition takes place, remains a riddle. It is possible that both dimensions make up a single reality, but most of us are used to exist in one limited plane.


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