People on all fours

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In 2005, Turkish biologist Juner Tan discovered people who can only walk on all fours. Is evolution can a person reverse? Will it turn into time Earth to the planet of the apes?

A photo from open sources

Strange kids in the Ulas family

There are 19 people in the Ulas family living in the Turkish province of Hatay. 14 – people are like people, but 5 (3 sisters and 2 brothers) are different from rest: to walk, they need to use 4 limbs, in while 2 are enough for us. 2 out of 5 (brother and sister) can still get on your feet and even walk for a while, but it’s very much for them tiring: they constantly lose their balance, fall and in the end ends fall to all fours. 3 others do not stand up never.

In the village, they’re used to the strange five and don’t pay attention to them. attention. If someone from visiting with respect to moving on all fours and allow yourself something extra to protect the offended become all other members of the Ulas family.

A photo from open sources

Nevertheless, the five prefers to spend most of the time at home. Women embroider and crochet: despite growing huge calluses on the palms – the consequences of walking, mobility fingers are by no means lost. Men look behind the house, do everything chores.

Will evolution reverse?

Initially, scientists regarded the “find” of the Turkish scientist as a strange, but one-time anomaly due to brain pathology. There were more than enough grounds for such an assumption: all five have mental retardation: they have difficulty speech, the concept of time does not exist for them. Strange, unusual, but no more. Another unsuccessful experiment of mother nature. Early or later, all five will go to another world without leaving offspring, from their death will disappear and the anomaly.

Thunder struck when Tan found another such family. Means Whatever the cause of the anomaly, the deviation is not a one-off? Does not close within a narrow group of relatives? It has tendency to spread?

Yunet Tan, who was named after the syndrome, expressed The assumption that the detected anomaly is an example of the possibility reverse flow of evolution. Scientists are alarmed: is it really in the debugged mechanism of the universe failed and evolution “gave reverse”?

A threat to humanity?

The consequences of de-evolution are simply terrible: humanity in the future divided into 2 branches: people slowly climbing the stairs development up and not people on all fours going down. Who will get bigger over time? How will the relationship between the two the races? Will they start to conflict with each other and share the planet? And who will prevail? Will the future inhabitants of the Earth (walking on 2 or 4 limbs?) telling legends about the disappeared cities of Troy, Paris, Moscow? Will they not seek as we search today for Atlantis, a sunken continent, let’s say To Australia?

So yes or no?

A group of scientists from the Texas Institute under the leadership of Lisa Shapiro studied 518 videos of patients with Juner Tan syndrome. Research Result: People with Disabilities Don’t Walk Like primates. Following the right foot, they rearrange the right hand, behind it – left leg, then – left arm (the so-called lateral sequence). In primates, the sequence of movement diagonal: right foot – left hand – left foot – right hand. And yet: primates, while walking, rely on the joints of the fingers, patients with the syndrome – in the palm of your hand.

Humanity will not perish!

Scientists continue to search for the cause of the anomaly. According to one hypothesis this is a brain disorder that occurred in the process intrauterine development. In another, a gene mutation. There was a version that parents are to blame: crawling on his stomach, the children switched to all fours, and so stuck in the “intermediate stage”. Professor Typhoon Ozselik, who visited both families, found out that in both families the children were followed, and as soon as the pathology was revealed, they tried put the children on their feet, but they stubbornly fell to all fours. The “bad parents” hypothesis was buried.

There is no consensus on the causes of the anomaly, but it has been established for sure: it is a disease, not a step back. The evolution of the reverse does not have.

Time Evolution

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