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The Illusionist Harry Houdini

People with unusual abilities have been at all times. Harry Houdini is one of the great magicians of the illusionists of his time. He was born on March 24, 1874 in a suburb of Budapest. Died from abdominal inflammation on the eve of Halloween in October 1926. People were amazed at how masterly Harry stepped out of the cargo containers, from prison cells, from a huge paper bag (with this without tearing the paper). The illusionist easily crawled out of the steam boiler and from the famous chamber, which was gradually filled with water. In 1918, at the New York Hippodrome, people saw Houdini’s number with the disappearance of the elephant. Most of Houdini’s tricks were related to cards and with release from chambers, steel shackles and chains. The tricks themselves are simple, if you know the methodology for their implementation. FROM cards, for example, it’s just a sleight of hand. Body Houdini had a high gutability, besides he had excellent physical fitness. Various episodes of Houdini’s life not times filmed.

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Tallest man on earth

35-year-old Ukrainian Leonid Stadnyuk is considered the highest by man. Now Leonid’s height is 253 cm, weight 200 kilograms. The growth of the Ukrainian giant by the employees of the Book of Records Guinness is not yet officially registered. Leonid was born in the village Podolyantsy, which is almost under Chernobyl. Parents of Stadnyuk, on the contrary, they are not tall. Leonid was not a child large, growing, like all peers. Athlete, veterinarian, graduated school with honors, university with honors. However, he cannot work normally, cows are afraid of its growth.

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At age 14, Leonid began to grow rapidly. At 13, doctors found him a benign tumor in the brain, and removing it, touched the pituitary gland. IN as a result, a strong violation of secretion and metabolism. Stadnyuk wears 60th shoe size and suffers flat feet. Year by year, it’s becoming harder for Leonid to live, because growth does not stop.

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Porfiry Korneevich Ivanov

Porfiry Korneevich Ivanov – creator of wellness and spiritual systems, founder of the Ivanovo movement. Born in a large family February 20, 1898, in the village of Orekhovka, Lugansk region. Ivanov’s modern followers adhere to ideas hardening and healing the body. But part of his followers inclines religiously-mystical basis of teaching. Some representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church consider him obsessed and mentally unhealthy person.

Be that as it may, of the many methods of maintaining health and strengthening immunity first place is hardening of the body. It is generally accepted that the effects of subzero temperatures on humans activates the body’s defense and so various diseases are healed. AND nevertheless, the effect of cold on the body has not yet been fully studied. Porfiry Korneevich became a human phenomenon thanks to his own practical experience in which he proved healing power hardening and restoring vitality through a “cold test and unity with nature. “Since 1934, Porfiry began to test his the body. April 25, 1934 Porfiry Korneevich forever removed from a hat, and never again and in any weather did not wear it. Strange things started to happen – Porfiry is not only not ill, on the contrary, he began to feel only better. Two of winter, a human phenomenon passed without a hat and realized that no one was cold image does not harm his head.

After that, Porfiry came up with new tests: he went out at night to frosty air without a shirt and stayed there for ten minutes at first, then for an ever longer time. Porfiry spent the summer of 1935 in the forests and steppes of Donbass. Having gone there all summer in his underpants, he studied and used the effects on his body of various forces and nature conditions. At this very time, Porfiry Korneevich became preach your healing and hardening methods to everyone you meet, help the sick. In the winter of 1935, he first took off his shoes on the street, and, despite the ridicule and surprise of the people, he walked barefoot for about an hour in the snow. Even such walks in the snow did not cause him any harm. Unfortunately, for my hobbies with barefoot walks and treatment patients in 1936, Porfiry Korneevich was fired from his job. From this moment he decisively began to develop his own method. “FROM since then I never wore a hat and shoes, except in cases when in the village and the city I was forced to dress for a while because passers-by, “he wrote.

In subsequent years, Porfiry Ivanov achieved that his health significantly strengthened, he could walk for weeks naked in the cold and without shoes, with the help of consciousness, learned to control his psyche, not letting weakness and disease into your body. Porfiry Ivanov set an extraordinary experiment on himself – he did not eat or drink as much as 108 days. The abilities of this amazing human phenomenon could to surprise any yogis and healers. He also often noted to himself that nature chose him herself, made him chosen among people. His nicknamed God, the creator of the world. So he later became for people, the number of his followers has not decreased to this day. Porfiry Korneevich Ivanov died in 1983 at the age of 85 on homeland in Ukraine.

People – Changeling

Some unusual people are born with inverted organs: heart, liver, spleen, stomach. In medicine, this the phenomenon is called transposition. On health and condition the health of such people, this phenomenon does not affect. Standard medical equipment is not suitable for such mirror people. X-rays can not be seen through them, like an ordinary person, and ultrasound doctors need to do forty minutes instead of the usual ten. Parents often do not always find out that their child with such deviation. Internal anomalies do not affect appearance people, and in the development of a child is no different from an ordinary baby. Only the parents can tell about the uniqueness of their baby happening. For example, a child who has had the flu and who has received complications, parents take him for examination to all doctors. AND only then does an unusual phenomenon unfold. It is generally accepted that such shifters have supernatural powers. At some unusual abilities may show up early childhood, someone in adulthood begins to see prophetic dreams. Such People phenomena can often develop their unusual abilities. For example, develop the gift of foresight. Such shifters are often become professional psychics and can predict future.

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