People sleepy for years

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Without food, a person can live up to 30 days, without water – up to 5 days, without sleep – 3-4 days. But there are people who are in spite of everyone generally accepted canons of medicine do not sleep for weeks, months or even for years!

People who do not sleep for years

One day in January 1962, teacher Joan Moore returned home late at night. That day was very for her tense. She sat in a chair to take a nap, sweet yawned in anticipation of sleep … But how many Joan did not yawn, the dream did not came. She spent that night without sleep. And the next and all subsequent. Since then, she spends every night sitting in a chair, looking at night awaiting dawn.

Vietnamese Nguyen Van Kha has not been sleeping since 1980. Moreover, he doesn’t even may close your eyes. As soon as he closes his eyelids, his eyes immediately begin painfully burn. Nguyen is over 50 years old, but he feels good, his consciousness is not clouded. Doctors say well-being many of his fellow tribesmen can envy a Vietnamese.

World Health Organization representatives found in Tibet, an unusual monk who has not been sleeping for decades. Dava It’s no different from the rest of the monastery’s monks – it also eats, walks, prays, with the exception of one peculiarity: he does not sleep already almost 80 years old.

Joan, Nguyen and Dawa are not at all suffering from a lack of sleep, lead an active lifestyle and have already adapted to an unusual regime of the day. Scientists suggest that all three have a rare disease – chronic cholestitis (insomnia). But the presence of this disease explains wakefulness for several days, but not years! how their brain and body function without much needed for man rest is a mystery. However, there are even more mysterious cases.

A man who will live forever?

In 1979, 26-year-old resident of Minsk Yakov Tsiperovich received severe poisoning. When the ambulance arrived, he was in state of clinical death. Doctors saved his life. But visited on the other side of being, Jacob came back completely different. Natural his body temperature after “excursion to the other world” is 34 degrees. is he never sleep. However, he does not feel tired, his strength never run dry.

But the most amazing thing is that he does not age. Today he looks everything also at 26. Jacob currently lives in Germany, but German doctors, like Russian specialists, do not explain this phenomenon in condition.

Tsiperovich has an interesting shift in the psyche and attitude – he does not feel the years lived, does not feel the time. Jacob never thinks how many years he lived and how much he had left. His life he perceives as infinite.

Time just stopped for him. Maybe he is immortal?

Life time

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