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In ancient Egyptian papyrus cases of spontaneous combustion are described. of people when a person flashed by a torch turns ashes before of how his clothes will ignite.

The human body is 70-80% water, it can be burned only using strong flammable products. And ignite spontaneously it cannot by definition. However, cases of spontaneous combustion humans are described not only in ancient Egyptian papyrus, but also medieval chronicles, and since the 20th century, they began to be recorded in police records.

Facts, only facts

February 26, 1905 in the village of Butlox Cheb (Hampshire, Great Britain) Kaylee’s couple burned in their house. Although their bodies turned into a coal-like mass, furniture, curtains, carpets and other flammable objects are not affected.

May 13, 1907 in the vicinity of Dinopor (India) police discovered the charred corpse of a woman in a completely untouched fire clothes.

On April 7, 1919, the burnt corpse of writer George Temple was found. in his house. The lower body burned to the ground. Trousers the writer was not affected. In my pocket lay untouched by the fire paper notes.

In November 1960, in the vicinity of Pickville (Kentucky, USA) in police officers found corpses standing on the side of the car 5 men. Although all 5 bodies burned to loose consistency, clothing they have been preserved completely. There was no trace inside the car soot.

In all the cases described above, the body itself was the source of fire. human – these were the conclusions of police experts. Can, are the cops wrong? Maybe each episode was well camouflaged poltergeist killing?

But then where to get the testimony of witnesses who personally observed spontaneous combustion of living people?

In front of eyewitnesses

August 27, 1938 at a ball in Chelmsford (Essex, United Kingdom), Phyllis Newcomb caught fire right during the dance. Although others managed to throw a tablecloth on it and extinguish the flame, The 22-year-old girl died. Witnesses – two dozen people.

In February 1970, at a bus stop in Dublin (Ireland) 89-year-old old lady Margaret Hogan flashed a torch. Eyewitnesses there were more than ten people.

All witnesses claimed: it was the body that was burning, the fire, as it were “pulled out” from the inside. Similar cases were recorded and doctors.

Medical certificates

In May 1989, a 27-year-old engineer from Hungary fell dead Budapest. An autopsy revealed that the internal organs of the young humans turned into coal.

In April 1990, in a hospital in Hunan Province (China) delivered the 4-year-old Tonga Tangyang. From the time of the boy periodically small flames of flame burst out. The reason for the strange phenomenon the doctors couldn’t identify, but they established what happens when the boy is alarmed or agitated.

Tonga is a unique but not the only one of the “torch people” who survived.

The lucky ones

In December 1916, the owner of a hotel in Dover (New Jersey, USA) found his housekeeper on the living room floor, charred but alive.

March 15, 1942 at the Bloomington Bank (Illinois, USA) directly In the workplace, employee A. Troyer broke out. He had time to rescue.

Jack Endem (Georgia, USA) fell asleep on November 12, 1974. Waking up after 4 days, he found burns on his chest, back, legs. The right hand was charred.

October 9, 1980 Gina Winchester flashed right behind the wheel your car. She remained alive, although she got strong burns.

In search of truth

With most of the burning, but surviving, except security officers and researchers talked to the police abnormal phenomena. But none of the victims gave even a hint, where to look for the cause of the strange phenomenon. Mediums, psychics among there were no “people-torches”, UFOs, “green men”, strange phenomena like “milky fog” none of them observed.

There are more than 10 versions about the causes of self-ignition of people. At each has its own supporters and opponents. Brad Steiger paranormal researcher considers violation normal flow of time.

What is combustion in terms of chemistry? Conventional oxidative process. Oxidation reactions in humans occur constantly, only at a very slow pace. However, if the reaction rate enlarge …

An interesting theory, but it gives absolutely nothing. What is it in what reason accelerates the passage of time and so that day and hours shrink in seconds and moments? Brad Steiger replaces one riddle other.

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