People who naturally do not burn on fire

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Earlier, we once wrote about torch people who manage to flare up for no apparent reason. Today we will talk about people, also leading friendships with fire. They come out of the worst fire completely unscathed. They are called salamanders.

Polycarp Smyrensky Fireproof

The very first story about such a “fireproof” person dates from 2nd century AD It is not known what angered the inhabitants of his city Polycarp of Smyren, but apparently he got them firmly, if sentenced there was not just execution, but painful execution – burning at the stake. However, when the logs burned out to the last, the audience saw villain alive and unharmed. The judges, after conferring, decided that although heaven spared Polycarp, but they here, on earth, know better and sentenced the criminal to execution again. But this time the executioner pierced Polycarp with a spear.

Sinless Maria Sonne

In the 18th century, a girl, Maria Sonne, lived in Provence (France), about who whispered that she was not afraid of fire. Rumors reached the king Louis XV and he wanted to see Mary and at the same time decide her fate. For the “investigative experiment” a huge fire was lit, and the girl went into the fire. For an hour she was in the center flame and came out of it completely unscathed. Included doctors commission drew up an act in which they indicated that neither hair nor the eyelashes, nor the clothes of the girl were injured. Churchmen After conferring, they issued a verdict: “the hand of the Lord shielded the girl, for the child is sinless. ”

Crazy student Bruno Cassioli

At the same time, in Padua (Italy) at the local university nibbled granite science one Bruno Cassioli. His unique ability he used for practical jokes. Once in front of the owner of a soap factory he “accidentally” fell into a vat with boiling alkali. Mylovar turned white with horror. He had a deep spit on Bruno, but the prospect of proving to the authorities that he was not going to kill the unfortunate student, he was not at all pleased. There was an “investigation”, explanatory, bribes to judges, etc. etc.

A second blow hit him when Bruno began to crawl out vat, posing as a walking dead man. Laughing enough to death by a frightened soap maker, young people explained to him that all this was just a joke, a practical joke. The master has come to himself soap factories burst into a tirade in the sense that it would be better Bruno really cooked!

It is clear that Bruno had no time to learn and was kicked out from university for absenteeism and poor performance. Cassioli reasoned that with his gift he will earn much more than a scientific degree and went to Germany, where he began to give performances. But very soon one of the spectators “knocked” the holy fathers and the “sorcerer” appeared before the court of the Inquisition. Unlike Mary, Bruno was exposed all existing vices, on the “sinless” did not pull, his gift recognized “from the devil”, the young man was tortured and executed.

Black “magician” Nathan Cowker

The black boy Nathan Cowker was a slave. Once forever hungry Nathan worked in the kitchen. He seized the moment when the cook on minute came out, put his hand in a boiling pot, pulled out a hot dumpling and ate. To his surprise, he did not feel any pain. Since black woman loved to work in the kitchen and dragged straight from the pan meat, vegetables cooked there, and even removed fat from boiling broth.

After the abolition of slavery, Nathan worked in the forge and repeatedly showed “tricks”: picked up hot metal, walked on incandescent shovel. Cowker’s trademark number was to take with palm in your mouth molten lead and keep it there until it will freeze.

All this could be classified as myths, legends and tales, but scientists the fact of the existence of the phenomenon of “fireproof people” recognize since they safely survived to the 20th century, and there is nowhere to get away.

The Salamanders of the Century of Today

In the 80s of the XX century in India, one of the workers fell into a barrel with boiled tar. To the great horror and joy of the comrades “alive cooked “a few minutes later got out of the barrel alive and healthy. Arriving doctors found no burns on his body.

In 2005, the Argentinean Antonio Acoste in the presence of the press, notary, scientists and doctors climbed into the bakery oven, dressed only in light trousers, a shirt, a sweater and sat for 20 minutes in a 300-degree hell. When asked if he was afraid to decide on such experiment, Antonio replied that not at all. He has repeatedly doing this trick on an argument. In the end his appetites played out and the Argentine wanted world fame. His dream fulfilled: Acosta’s achievement was entered in the book of records Guinness.

In 2004, 56-year-old Malaysian monk Lim Boon Hwa in the presence of several hundred spectators climbed up his throat into the vat with boiled corn. After 30 minutes, the corn is boiled, the monk – not.

Worker of Novokuznetsk Steel Plant Alexander Silin fearlessly puts his hand under a stream of molten metal, and resident of Ulyanovsk Rail Bulatov – under the stream of molten plastic.

Is there a solution?

The “fireproof” themselves do not explain their unique properties, since it is a secret to themselves. Scientists have two version. According to the first, salamanders are carriers of a special a form of protein life that is not afraid of high temperatures. In the second they create a protective field around them, protecting them from flame.

For us, the most interesting thing is different: this ability a peculiar anomaly or manifestation of the hidden reserves of the human organism? Agree that the second is much preferable.

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