People with memories before birth

People with memories before birthA photo from open sources Many people claim to remember how were in the womb of the mother, remember the moment of their birth and, in the rarest cases, – remember yourself in some other reality, before falling into the mother’s bosom

It is difficult to prove the existence of such things, however, as it turned out that for many people this experience is quite real.

Elizabeth Hallett, nurse with a degree in the field of psychology, wrote a whole book called “Stories the unborn soul: Mystery and the charm of life before birth. “In its she writes to the book that we don’t often hear stories about prenatal memories because people are scared to admit to things that at odds with generally accepted concepts. According to one woman, she I didn’t tell about it for fear of seeming crazy.

The boy remembers a song that sounded on the way to the hospital

On one site, a certain Nicole I. told the story of her student named Michael. Nicole and mother of Michael, who died when he was only a few months old, were friends. Nicole witnessed the birth of a boy, she drove her friend, a single mother, to the hospital. After the death of a woman, Nicole did not communicate with Michael and his family until he turned out to be her student. They are practically not talked about his mother, but the boy knew that they were girlfriends.

When students were asked to recall their earliest memories, Michael raised his hand and fully described the path to hospital, when Nicole drove there his pregnant mother. He said, that they were driving in her gray car and even remembered the words of the player then the songs, he also remembered that Nicole stopped at a gas station to ask for directions, remembered that she used a pay phone in the hospital and that she took someone a sweater lying in the front desk and put on.

All of this was true.

Nicole really had a gray car at the time, which she sold a couple of years after Michael was born. Lyrics, that the boy remembered absolutely coincided with the song that Nicole often listened while driving a car. Then they went to nearest village hospital and get lost along the road, Nicole really drove to a gas station to ask for directions. Not in the hospital cellular communication worked, and she had to use pay phone. She was terribly ashamed of the story of the sweater: she was very cold and put on someone’s sweater lying in the waiting room peace. No one has seen this. She never told anyone about it. told.

Like waking up after anesthesia

A man named Michael Maguire told Hallett that his the sensations were like an awakening from anesthesia: “I clearly remember myself in a state of disembodied spirit, and then on Earth, in the body of a child. This is a bit like an operation. First you are on operating table and count from ten to one, and the next the moment you are already in the ward. The main difference is that both before and after operations you are as if in a droid, and in my case, the thoughts were absolutely clear. ”

Memories of difficult birth

A woman named Joel confessed to Hallett that when she was about thirty, her aunt told her about the difficulties that occurred to her mother during childbirth. Mom never about it spoke. After the aunt’s story, Joel’s memories it seemed, from the very moment of her birth, they began to make sense.

According to the story of the aunt, the birth was unexpected, and I had to take them at home. The girl seemed completely lifeless. Aunt carried her body in the next room, thinking that she is dead. However come finally, the midwife was able to bring the girl to her senses.

Joel remembers being in some indescribable place: “There very quiet and many different people nearby. We are all as one, not men, not women. I see it in my mind, but I can’t to describe. There are no voices, but I distinguish words. Someone tells me that to give up life early, that if I want to live, I have to go straight now. I remember that hesitate and hear another voice that says you can wait a little longer. But I can’t wait anymore, I must be coming back. Someone says: decide now. ”

This aunt took care of me before my birth!

This story was published on one of the sites dedicated to this topic: “My colleague told me a story about his four year old daughter. He and his wife took her daughter on an excursion, where she I saw a statue of the Virgin Mary. Daughter pointed a finger at the statue and said: “Dad, I know her! This aunt took care of me until birth! “”


Linda Parrino shared her story on the forum: “I remember how floated on a cloud. There were a lot of blue and pink clouds around me. I was completely calm and heard the voice of some woman, but not saw her. She spoke very quietly, this conversation was more like communication with oneself. I remember she said that my time has come go to earth and be born. I replied that I wanted to stay here is safe. She said that I have to go and that everything I will be fine. These are my very first memories, and my life really very happy. ”

Life time

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