People with the gift of weather control

In ancient times, different peoples had special people who possessed from birth with the ability to predict the weather and affect her. In the Hutsul legends there are stories about how two city planners fighting among themselves, determining whose village the cloud with hail. One could also become a haunter by entering into an alliance with warlock, having captured a wonderful staff or candle … as the storm approached, the hail ran in circles, waved his hands, baptized the clouds with three straws, uttering a spell, called bells. The hailman could twice refuse to come to him for permission to pour hail to the leader of the storm (say, to hell) and only for the third time he allowed to pour hail somewhere far from dwellings, gardens, crops – on the road, into the ravine … People with the gift of weather controlPhotos from open sources. Today, weather prediction is still. is a complex, time-consuming and often thankless task. The most powerful supercomputers process data from thousands meteorological stations, satellites constantly circling the planet, trying to catch the moment of the onset of the hurricane, scientists of the largest research centers develop theories of atmospheric processes – and still the storm suddenly falls even on Moscow, without saying about provincial towns and villages. Maybe weather forecasters miss some factors affecting the weather, if not globally, but locally? Yuri Zilbert attributed such factors human consciousness. Sent to Voronezh almost simultaneously with Mandelstam, he is a promising scientist, specializing in nuclear physics, settled in the village Ramon, where he got a job as a teacher of physics, labor and physical education. A person of encyclopedic knowledge, who corresponded with such luminaries of science like Bohr, Heisenberg and Rutherford, Silbert characterized by striking optimism, tireless hard work and indefatigable curiosity. Migrated from the academic environment to outback, he not only did not give up, but, on the contrary, began to work with tripled energy. Changing the field of activity, he did not change the image actions, taking everything seriously, surrendering to work completely, without a trace. Meeting with famous agronomists Mazlumov, Kozopoliansky and Lanier, he repeatedly heard from their lips complaints on instability and unpredictability of weather conditions, which interferes receive stable, guaranteed yields. Reading the drought chronicle he drew attention to the following: formerly weary of bad weather the villagers, taken to extremes, organized a procession – and the result was often more than satisfactory. By applying statistical methods of calculation, Zilbert found that the change weather after the procession cannot be explained coincidence. Perhaps he decided that the impact on the weather exerts the united will of tens and hundreds of people. Locals told Zilbert about an old woman living in the village of Galkino and a witch who is famous among the inhabitants: if she is angry with someone in the neighborhood then in the house or barn of the object of anger is often lightning hit. Zilbert himself interviewed two victims. Those admitted that they were with Fominichnoy (that was the name of the old woman) in a quarrel, and in a lightning storm struck in one – a house, in the second – a chicken coop. AND on the contrary, if there is no rain in the area for a long time, you need to bow Fominichnu chicken or goose, and the rain will soon spill over fields bringing gifts. Zilbert met an old woman. Fominichna met him affably, she always to a good man glad rain – yes, rain sometimes manages to lure, but what It sends lightnings to people, this is an accident. Just a bad man himself It attracts lightning, but it has nothing to do with it. The old woman was clearly on her mind, and when Zilbert brought her a big box of chocolates, she smiled slyly and warned the teacher to leave Galkin, did not come too close to the dry branch that grew in turning onto Ramon. Zilbert heeded the warning, and not in vain: upon his departure, in a few minutes the sky darkened, and on that the moment when he was approaching the indicated place, he hit a tree lightning and scorched the wind. Then the clouds dispersed, and the next a week was a bucket. Extremely interested, Zilbert began make inquiries: have there been people in the past who are capable of managing the weather. The answer was yes! But their fate is unenviable. Many processes sorcerers and witches ended deplorably for the defendants: mortal execution, at best, a reference. So, already in 1699, it would seem in the enlightened time of the reign of Tsar Peter I, Nikolai Golitsyn for “indecent thunderstorm dispensation during great festivities” was exiled to Tobolsk. Since then, the Siberian city began to occur strange and frightening events, called chroniclers “air fears “:” May the 8th of 7213 (R.H. 1702) (here the error: May 7213 from the creation of the world corresponds to 1704 from Christmas Of Christ. – Note Ed.), on the day of St. John the Evangelist, in Tobolsk, in the time of playing comedy, an uprising with a cloud, a cruel storm, and broke over the altar of the Cathedral Church cross, also with the Sergius Church all with a makovitsa and a cross … “;” November 20, 7214 (1706 R.H.) in Tobolsk it was evident: at the end of the 4th day of the night, in the midst of heaven, in the air, bodo fell a scroll of white, stretched out and out loud to people he ran, and fell in the middle of the courtyard, near the porch; and suddenly a man appeared, from him four sparks of fire up separately flew up and copulated into place, and in a short minute everything has disappeared; at the same time caused a cloud and thunder is the rattle of an hour with two. And fire to the governor’s house … “(original spelling), – wrote in the “Annals of Siberia” Tobolsk scribe and scribe Cherepanov. What a spokesman, there is evidence of the poet Boris Parsnip from the summer of 1907: “Recently, the Mammoths played 4 hands Beethoven Symphony. They played well. A thunderstorm was gathering. In the fourth parts there is a long period that goes crescendo to its climax discord … This climax is taken by fortissimo. And in this moment swept the first thunder, dull, but terrible, simultaneously with the chord … It is impossible to convey … “The energy that able to distinguish a person, insignificant in comparison with the energy of a thunderstorm. But sometimes a human scream is enough to cause devastating avalanche. Forces accumulate in nature, man only provokes their release. A similar phenomenon can be defined as trigger effect According to Zilbert, the human brain is somehow image resonates with nature, and then he is capable of command lightning. Individuals have the ability to fall into the resonance is great from birth, but under certain conditions it can to develop with many. Zilbert shared his reasoning with the students, and they reached us only in retelling. Leonid Parinov, Ramonsky old-timer, recalls: “Sometimes during a lesson when a thunderstorm was approaching, Yuri Arkadevich approached the window and snapped his fingers. In the same instant lightning struck a lightning rod mounted on a stone water pump … ” Silbert wrote about his ability to control the weather to his colleagues in To Moscow. For this or another reason, but on a September evening in 1939 years to the teacher’s house drove a car in which Yuri Arkadevich Zilbert and taken away – first to Voronezh, and then to one from special laboratories that forged weapons on the eve of the war Victory Autumn forty-first when the Nazi troops were approaching Moscow, unusually severe frosts hit. Came out out of order vaunted German technology, soldiers froze. And after the Red Army hit frosts … BTW, And these days there are magicians – the most ordinary at first glance people, with amazing ability to disperse clouds into inclement weather weather, pacify hurricanes, with a wave of a hand call lightning, start and stop the rain and snow … One of these “special” people – Honorary Member of the Order of Sorcerers, Bachelor of the Russian Branch International Brotherhood of Mages Ivan Ivanovich Kulebyakin. For the first time about Vanya recognized his gift when he was still in an orphanage near Yaroslavl: “When I turned 6 years old, there was a severe hurricane. Trees tore out with the root … Everyone was afraid, but some kind of force carried me out into the street … I raised his hands up and stood there for some time … Literally in 7-8 minutes the hurricane died down … “Ivan Ivanovich showed those who wanted a cassette, on which the process of “dispersal of clouds” is clearly captured. Under the influence of Kulebyakin passes a heavy cloud in the sky is almost instantly melts, as if erasing it with an eraser … In May 1992, to Ivan The famous showman Igor Mikitasov addressed Ivanovich. He arranged in the Hermitage Garden in honor of Bulgakov’s jubilee spring celebration Full Moon night ball, or Ball of a hundred kings. The sky that evening was cloudy, the moon still did not show. And then at midnight Kulebyakin, dressed in a green cloak and mask, with a dove on shoulder, put in a balloon basket and solemnly lifted above the garden. He “pushed” the clouds, and the moon and stars shone from the sky … There was no end to the delight of the audience. More than once had to “do” the weather and in other cities. In August 1992 Kulebyakin “held” for two weeks the sun in Crimea during the International festival of magicians “Magic Alushta. “Ivan Ivanovich somehow arrived in Perm on the eve of the election local authorities. November 27 on the streets – not a snowflake, standing chilly, slushy weather. He shook his hands – and after 15 minutes snow fell. And on December 1, on election day, the most real winter … At the symposium in Sochi Kulebyakin in front of everyone from the rain caused one cloud, erased the other, and took the third somewhere … After this fellow magicians called him “forest sorcerer.” In his youth, Ivan Kulebyakin worked at Mosfilm. Upon learning of his abilities, filmmakers invited Ivan to shoot to “make” the weather. A to include it in the estimates of the film crew, gave episodic roles. So he starred in the films Iron Curtain, Wings Poem. In the film “Ermak” he played the Cossack chieftain Pot. Not just him invited to the shooting of radio and television programs. Once while walking Live Radio Racurs, December 17, 1995, he called “on order ‘thunderstorm and heavy snowfall and stopped all this after half an hour. Source: M., “Veche”

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