Perfect balance of the Chinese Tsuyu Yugo

Tsuyu Sugo from the city of Changsha in China holds the world record in a very specific area included in the Guinness Book of Records, – he knows how to put bird eggs on the tip of a small needle so that they did not fall. The egg can balance on the tip of the needle how much anything long Given how easy it is to break an egg, Tsui makes phenomenal tricks.

The Perfect Balance of Chinese Tsuyu YugoA photo from open sources

No video below Tsui puts an ostrich egg on the tip of the needle. But how you see in the photo, he is able to do the same with any eggs birds. Tsui proudly declares that ostrich eggs are the largest eggs in the world and no one else can put them on the point of the pin so that it does not fall.

Tsui set a world record on August 19, 2011, and still then he remains the champion. He’s been doing this for six years, and now, after a long practice, it only takes him ten seconds, to put the egg on the needle. Tsui used to work as a driver truck, and developed a unique skill so as not to fall asleep on the road: as soon as he felt sleepy, he pulled over and started to lay the egg on the tip of the needle.

The egg on the tip of the needle is what Tsui does, and not that. For example, it is capable of installing together with eggs on a needle or pin plugs and toothpicks – all at once. Brilliant, isn’t it?

A photo from open sources

A photo from open sources

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