Perfectly Smooth Over Virginia rectangular cloud

A perfectly flat rectangular cloud formed over Virginia.A photo from open sources

A week ago on the famous video hosting “YouTube” appeared a mysterious movie depicting a large cloud of perfect squared in the evening sky. The author of such a surreal frames became a resident of the US state of Virginia. That’s what he writes:

Recently, I often began to notice very weird clouds in richmond. It feels like it’s bad traced clouds from some old computer game. Real clouds are not like that. I spent my whole life in this city and had never seen anything like it here before. When you live 30 years in the same place, it is very easy to notice changes around yourself. Can someone explain to me what is happening with our world, and is it worth it to be afraid of?

Some netizens thought the planes were to blame, “clipping” the edges of the clouds. However, why didn’t they? earlier?..

Others are confident that airplanes, by contrast, create by decree the american government geometrically smooth chemotracks over Richmond for poisoning the population.

According to the third, before us is the result of a malfunction called the “Matrix”, where we all live.

According to the fourth, the American captured a ship on camera aliens clumsily disguised as a cloud. Or vice versa, specifically distracting people’s attention from themselves like this way.

Fifths are convinced that planet Earth, as a living creature, in the present is seriously ill or, to be more precise, passes through global change – from here and similar natural anomalies.

Finally, the sixths hypothesize that it was a sign religious sense.

There is also the theory of reasonable clouds and some others, however, that it really is – no one knows. And scientists, znamo the case is silent. Yes, and what can you say when either “I don’t know”, or “impossible” …


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