Phantom Hand Phenomenon

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In the summer of 1968, an employee of one of the Chicago banks Solomon I saw, as usual, before the start of the working day I was on my own workplace. The bell rang, and the first, as yet few visitors entered the hall through a rotating Door. Out of the corner of his eye, Vidal noticed that at first a young woman came in. a pair, followed by three or four young men in cloaks and hats pulled over the eyes. But then the internal phone rang, and he was distracted. And when he looked up to the checkout window, he saw straight a large pistol aimed at his forehead. Raider’s other hand put a black bag in the window. – Lively put it all here, pick it – bullet head-on! Shaking hands, stacking a pack of dollars in a bag, Vidal noticed that the same thing happens in the next window. – Now hands behind your head and did not move! – ordered the bandit, watching his a partner with something stalled there. Alarm button was very close under the countertop, but Vidal was beautiful understood that at the slightest attempt to reach out to her a bandit pulls the trigger. And there was no guarantee that the hijackers would leave in living witnesses who saw their faces. Being in extreme stress I saw mentally reaching for the panic button, when I suddenly saw strange sight: right from his stomach suddenly appeared and became stretched out ghostly hand. And this hand reached for the treasured button. Most of all, he was now afraid that this was an incredible sight. he will see the raider, but it seems he didn’t notice anything. And loud here an alarm sounded. The hijacker tore his bag and rushed to doors, followed by his companions, depicting visitors. But they could not go far with the prey: they drove by police patrol who saw people running out of the bank door robbers. The shootout began, in which one policeman was injured, and two robbers killed. Of course, Vidal told reporters everything, as it was, without hiding and about the ghostly hand. Heard this story the policeman tried to remove his fingerprint from the button finger and made sure that the human hand did not touch him. -Apparently, you involuntarily pressed her knee, – he explained the hero of the day. But from the knee to the button was almost half a meter, and, not changing his position, he could not reach her knee. But at gunpoint he was afraid to even move a pistol. In the early seventies famous american writer Andre Norton wrote an unusual for his work, a novel: There are monsters “: he was unusual, almost documentary, and the action took place in modern America. From the very first pages, she quoted in nem famous researchers of the unknown: Charles Fort, Keel, Sanderson, the plot was built on the well-known phenomenon of one American road, where people periodically disappeared along with by cars. But besides the phenomenon of extinction, there are telepathy, teleportation, including temporal, flying plates kidnapping people and other set of modern horror films. But more interesting for us now is the fact that she included in it and Vidal phenomenon. The protagonist is at some point captured by creepy bandits who tie him to a tree, intending to do something bad with him, and maybe just eat it. But here something even more terrible happens, from which all the bandits in horror run away, and the hero, tied to a tree, struggles get free. Nearby lies a knife thrown by the bandits, but he, Naturally, can’t reach him. And being in such stress, he, like Solomon Vidal, grows a phantom hand and reaches it with a knife. Of course, not only pragmatic policeman, but many Americans are unlikely to believe the story a bank employee, but a similar phenomenon does exist and described in the work of researchers of anomalous phenomena starting with XVIII century. In a book published at the beginning of the last century French researcher G. Durville “The Ghost of the Living” is a link to the work of Abbot Gannapier, published in 1822: “I know a young girl whose thigh was cut off. Several times it happened that she stood and took several steps with both of her legs, i.e. healthy leg and leg of the vital fluid, which is usually happened when she got out of bed. Her mother, a witness of this, involuntarily cried out: “Ah, poor thing, because the wooden leg is not with you. “The doctor of my friends told me that he saw how an officer with his thigh removed to the middle of the room, not noticing lack of a wooden leg, and stopped only when remembered that; then the leg of the vital fluid was no longer in forces to withstand the weight of his body. “To make it clearer what in question, replace the concept of “life fluid” with “astral”. how says Durville, some psychics can see in people amputated limbs i.e. their astral projection. Sees it and Kirlian electrophotography; if freshly torn leaf of a tree cut off a piece, then the glow surrounds its missing part. Most famous specialist phantomogenesis, in this case a person with the ability “produce” phantom hands, was D. Hume (better known for his demonstrations of levitation). This is how an eyewitness tells about it, Present at the Hume Session in 1853: “Gas Light reduced, but the room had enough light to distinctly see surrounding objects, faces and hands of those present, lying on the table. There were six of us. And on the opposite side of the table medium (D. Hume) appeared 13th hand. She faded when we all stared at her, but appeared again – a hand flickering at the elbow, and slowly moved to the middle of the table. We counted our hands again – everyone was in place. This arm extended to the elbow, and then nothing was visible. She emitted a faint but visible light. Soon she disappeared, but then we saw the process of its occurrence from the elbow to the brush – it was the left hand. Then the hand took the bell called six feet from the table, and then brought it to me. But instead of a bell, I took this hand. It was a real hand with fingers and nails, soft and warm. But she melted in my hand – dissolved, blurred, disappeared! “Curious, but in this quote almost literally described an event that will happen in a hundred with odd years: the phantom hand was quite capable of taking pretty heavy bell and call. Click on the alarm the button was probably easier. Another Hume session took place in March 1855. of the year. Says the participant of the session, the editor of the newspaper “Hartward half-time “Barr:” First, a hand appeared, then she took a pencil and started to write. It happened in front of everyone, the hands of the participants the sessions were in sight, on the table, so no one could write present. Being closest to the hand, I leaned towards it so that see her all. She extended no further than the wrist. Then hand has disappeared. What was written was later reviewed, and turned out to be the name of a relative and close friend of one of the members a mug that died a few years before the name written by her own handwriting. “Probably worth telling about the future: surprisingly strong nerves were present at this session. This disappeared hand reappeared and began to shake hands with everyone. to those present (I remind you that they didn’t yet know who she was belongs). When it came to Barr, he, like the author previous story, restrained her and began to consider. It was normal human hand, but somehow white as snow. She ended at the wrist. Barr checked – there was nothing further! Then, turning this hand with his palm toward him, he pierced it with his finger, and the end of the finger came out on the other side of the palm. As soon as he pulled his finger back, the resulting “wound” was closed, and the hand disappeared again. Br-rr In another session, D. Hume was put before more difficult task: the accordion was placed in a cage made of metal nets and asked him to play it. Hume put one hand on the outside of the cell, and the accordion began to spontaneously play desired melody. A curious case of phantomogenesis was observed. witnesses at a session of the Polish medium Franek Kluski in the 20s last century: “Someone asked to turn off the red light. Medium stirred, and in the light of the red lamp we saw a third hand, growing right from the medium’s right shoulder and moving quickly into lamp direction. From fingers to elbow, this arm looked completely material, but then it turned into some kind of foggy track, disappearing near the medium. Finally, the hand turned off the light by turning switch. “By the way, those extra hands that arose in the sessions The pieces were so material that they managed to make paraffin casts. And this was an additional confirmation that this was not some sophisticated trick. Medium is asked dip your hand in a bath of molten paraffin. On air paraffin freezes and then hand immersed in it dematerializes, leaving a bulk impression. With the hand of the living it’s impossible for a person to do this. In the 30s of the last century experiments with the medium Ruda Schneider were already carried out completely scientific basis using a curtain from invisible sources infrared rays, which a normal hand could not overcome. Remember Mikhalkov’s lines from Uncle Stepa: “I took books from sitting cabinet … “. And Ruda, sitting at the table, could with his phantom hand to take books from a wall shelf that is quite distant from him. When is this the phantom arm crossed the infrared ray, it did not interrupt, however, its intensity fell by 8 percent, which was recorded recorders.

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