Phantom passengers at an abandoned airport hit the video

Phantom passengers in an abandoned airport caught a videoA photo from open sources

World Wide Web users have been puzzled (and some and scared) when the record got to the Internet, presumably showing ghost passengers in an abandoned airport. The video below shows the telescopic gangway in an air harbor that has not been used for a long time. However, by many human figures pass over the bridge, and the gangway itself also glows inside a bluish tint. How is this possible?

Eyewitnesses who shot this video claim that the scene an abandoned airport in the Thai province of Phuket. When the camera brings the telescope closer, it becomes clear that people are walking along it. However, there is no airplane anywhere nearby, and the bridge itself is whist in the air, not connected to anything. Where did the passengers come from, and where they are going away? Is it really dissolved in air? There is nothing surprisingly, many netizens immediately started talking about immigrants from the other world.

However, it is worth noting that this airport is still not quite abandoned. The light is on, and at some point in the recording You can notice the shadow of a passing vehicle. However described the gangway has not been used here for a long time. Some commentators believe that alleged ghosts are just a reflection of another, working bridge. Other skeptics suggest that a real ladder with people, on the contrary, is behind what we see on the video. This supposedly creates the illusion that night passengers enter an empty bridge from out of nowhere.

“It’s really creepy,” one commentator writes.

“Why is the operator so unperturbed? I would have seen immediately ran away, “- says a sensitive lady.

“It seems to me that they look like some kind of hologram,” – says third web user.

“I wonder why they all run so unnaturally fast? Maybe the video is accelerated? “Asks the fourth.


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