Phantom temple photographed in Moscow areas of

The Phantom Temple photographed in the Moscow regionA photo from open sources

In the city of Istra, Moscow Region, presumably photographed an abnormal phenomenon. Dedovsk resident Daria Sorokina recently took several pictures of the famous New Jerusalem Stauropegial Monastery. When the girl subsequently looked at the received images, then unexpectedly discovered on one of them the mysterious outlines of the other religious building, which simply could not be there.

In the air behind one of the towers of the monastery for an unknown reason a similar ephemeral turret loomed, as if woven from gray haze. The author of the photo claims that she managed to get similar mystical pictures. Moreover, according to Sorokina, almost it was always about pictures of temples, churches, monasteries and other cult buildings that she simply adores take pictures. Maybe our compatriot has a special gift capture so rare anomalies on images?

Skeptics on the World Wide Web, of course, have their own explanation of what happened. Some materialists believe that everything the fault is a strange optical effect, which split the tower in the frame. Others suggest this is an atmospheric phenomenon – perhaps a shadow the real tower lay on the accumulation of water in the air. However, quite a few users who believed that it was a ghost a monastery is a sign from above or some other phenomenon. By more that Daria Sorokina promised to find similar ones in her archive mystical pictures or take new ones in order to confirm your unique gift of a photo artist.

A photo from open sources

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