Phantom Underworld

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Any of the major cities is not only streets, buildings, parks and bridges, but also a very sophisticated underground communications system, which are intertwined with each other and with natural, natural corridors and caves and form mysterious huge labyrinths. Researchers in urban dungeons are commonly called diggers.


In our country, the most extensive Moscow underground system facilities. Catacombs appeared here already in the XVI century, however most of the hidden objects underground were built last century.

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Diggers discovered secret long lines that go from the city center to suburban defenses, and Dozens of giant underground complexes. According to yourself diggers, everywhere there are its inhabitants.

These are, first of all, insects, the size of which affects: for example, grasshoppers having a ballpoint pen length, ten-centimeter white cockroaches and half-meter worms.

There are also unusual plants underground, including huge (above one meter) mushrooms. Long be near such it is impossible to mushrooms, otherwise the head will begin to hurt. Scientists suggest that, getting into the lungs of a person, the spores of these fungi begin to sprout, and this causes the death of a person.

The stories of many diggers mention monstrous underground rats. So, in 1990, Moscow newspapers published a number of articles on that metro builders saw incredibly large rats. Their descriptions completely coincided with what diggers observed.

Mysterious signs in the tunnels

Mystics underground also abound. Diggers tell how often do they see the light of the flashlight ahead, and when they approach – it goes out. The reason for this phenomenon, the researchers do not explain can.

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Sometimes, little shining stars fly out of the darkness which even concern people. Moreover, as the diggers themselves say, these touch noticeably recharges energy.

In the old tunnels, on the walls, you can find strange signs. Who and why drew them is unknown.

Anomalous phenomena are most often characteristic of those places above which once were cemeteries and destroyed churches and temples. Here you can often see some kind of ephemeral creatures, reminiscent of ghosts. These creatures extend their arms, after which as if falling into the ground or leaving through the walls.

By the way, in the 60s of the last century the government of the USSR �seriously worked on the idea of ​​erecting under the center of the capital underground city. Then they even conducted an experiment: they offered group of volunteers to live in Moscow catacombs as much as possible more time. The experiment lasted a little over two months, it ended in failure: for most of the participants doctors noted mental disorders of varying degrees. People talked about the strange inhabitants of the dungeon with big eyes and pale skin.

Flowers to a Suicide Woman

A few years ago, diggers worked underground in the location of the Emergency Research Institute help named Sklifosovsky. Suddenly people saw … a bouquet of fresh carnations!

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Suddenly a female silhouette emerged from the concrete vault and disappeared again. Researchers, frightened by what they saw, hurried to get upstairs. One of the diggers hit his head hard, and he was taken to emergency room, which was located just above the place where diggers did their research.

The victim was waiting for the doctor on duty, lying on the couch. Next to there was a gurney, and on it was a sheeted corpse. The injured digger was shocked when this sheet was lifted. orderlies. Under her was the body of a woman whose ghost he had recently saw underground! ..

The orderlies explained that the woman died half an hour ago – it was in the time when the researchers were under the building of the institute. Later they learned that the woman was a suicide – she threw herself under car.

According to statistics, in the dungeons of Moscow disappears annually about two dozen people. However, what is the reason this – rats, maniacs or anything else, no one knows.

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