Phenomenal brothers from the italian city Ruvo

Phenomenal brothers from the Italian city of RuvoPhoto from open sources

At the beginning of the last century, a small book was published Giuseppe Lapponi, Italian psychiatrist, professor dedicated The subject of hypnotism and spiritualism. In it, the author, in particular, talks about the details of a series of amazing incidents, who personally investigated. The professor interviewed all participants in these incredible events without missing a single detail.

In the book we mentioned, Lapponi published a report on the results his investigation. Sorry, a brochure has been published. small circulation; today she is almost completely forgotten even in the Italy, where events unfolded. (In Russia, this brochure also came out).

So, this story began in 1901 in a small Italian the town of Ruvo. Two boys grew up in the Pansini family, the elder was Alfred, Jr. – Paul.

Pansini’s couple often had fun doing spiritualistic sessions in the company of his friends. Once in the evening seven-year-old Alfred suddenly fell asleep in the room where he was just passing such a session. Then it began to be repeated regularly. And here is what surprising: once during such a spiritualistic dream session the child suddenly spoke, and in a strange voice. Moreover, he broadcast like a real speaker. Sometimes the boy began to speak other languages ​​- French, Greek, Latin – either unmistakably recited Dante’s “Divine Comedy” by heart. Adults took it all for granted, making the sleeping boy a constant participant in their mystical entertainment.

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Involuntary teleportation of brothers

After some time, the Pansini couple sent eldest son to study at Bitont seminary. However and there with Alfred began to happen amazing things. When anyone looking at him, mentally asked him a question, the boy immediately answered on him, that is, he possessed telepathic abilities. It is not in Alfred didn’t stop learning, but at the age of ten years, he had to leave the seminary and return home, since parents could no longer pay for his studies.

With the return of his son in the Pansini family, miracles began again, now they were happening with both children. One morning the whole family was in the central square of Ruvo. At nine o’clock the brothers suddenly disappeared, as if dissolved in air. After half an hour in a completely different Italian city of Molfetta by the monks of the monastery capuchins were found two crying children, lost roaming under the monastery walls. They were fed, questioned, and ultimately account, escorted to their hometown.

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But that was only the beginning. Next time the family getting ready for dinner, little Pavel was sent for a bottle of wine in shop nearby. Half an hour passed, and the boy did not return. By in time, senior Alfred also disappeared from the house …

Then something fantastic happened. Both brothers “found themselves” on aboard the barge, which was heading to the port of Trinitapoli by The Mediterranean Sea. The frightened children began to cry so desperately, and the owner of the ship was so impressed with their appearance whence, that he believed the story of the brothers and turned the barque back. IN a coastal town that defended near Ruvo was found Responsive artisan taking children to their fatherland house.

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In the following days, both boys, instantly disappearing from their own cities declared in Bisceglie, Marriott, Terlicia and so on … They were delivered back by order of local authorities, who were already notified of “enchanted boys” who can instantly “jump” to other cities.

The brothers needed to be separated

This went on for several more months – until the unfortunate mother did not appear to the mayor of Ruvo, Signor Berardi, with both sons and, sobbing into the voice, began to beg him to help again arrange Alfred at Bitont Seminary. The woman wanted to clean the eldest son from the city, in which there was talk about the “devilry”, happening in the Pansini family.

During the discussion of this request, both boys suddenly disappeared – right in front of the shocked mayor. Signor Berardi was so overwhelmed by what had happened that he gave the order (accompanied by personal financial support) send again Alfred’s seminary. It happened when both brothers “caught” in a neighboring town …

A second stay at the seminary did Alfred clearly benefit. Over time, he completely lost his unique supernatural abilities, including telepathy. Yes, and Paul stopped disappearing after leaving his older brother …

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