Phenomenal memory – what is it?

Phenomenal memory - what is it?Photos from open sources of

In the world of phenomenal memory have only a few dozen people. Their memory is designed so that they remember themselves from an early age. age and do not forget a single event from their lives.

One of these phenomenal personalities is an American actress. Marilyn Henner It’s not even interesting that she started beautifully be aware of herself from about a year this woman remembers every your day from that moment. For this reason she does not forget dozens thousand people and individuals, while the average person is limited to at best a hundred or two. And she turns to her without effort, it’s like working with by computer or the Internet: a search is set up – immediately received information.

According to scientists, last year there were about fifty people on earth who remember their whole lives, all the smallest details of every day they lived. Best known in this plan remains writer Jill Price from Los Angeles, who wrote an autobiographical book, “A Woman Incapable forget it. ”

Some scholars, such as Douwe Draaisma (Dow Dreysma) – professor at the University of Groningen, consider absolute memory a myth. According to Draysm, the human brain simply cannot store so much information. Why do we hardly remember the past, says he, because new data is being written onto the “old tape”, automatically erasing old information from it.

Other scholars believe that absolute memory is a reality, however, it should not be seen as a gift of fate (semantic organism peculiarity), but as a specific disease (hyperimesia). At the same time, everyone wants to possess good memory, which is why there are even all kinds of systems improvements. But to the phenomenal memory that was and remains the rarest phenomenon in the world, here, of course, far away.

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