Photographed a glowing man in the sky

Photographed a glowing man in the skyPhotos from open sources of

At the end of last year, residents of the American city of Hamburg in Michigan had the opportunity to watch in the dark ripe orange moon. This is an incredibly beautiful phenomenon. riveted the attention of the townspeople, and on one of these nights the Hamburgers unexpectedly noticed something much more interesting and unusual in the sky. Many eyewitnesses did not believe their eyes when they saw near full moon glowing human silhouette.

The photograph presented was taken by local resident Kyle. Fisherman. In the picture, a human figure is clearly visible, which as if walking along the tops of dark trees near a support power lines. According to the author of the photo, the mysterious volumetric the object was relatively close to the ground, i.e. obviously not was a cloud. However, Fisherman and his countrymen still do not can understand what this mysterious anomaly was.

A photo from open sources

The image soon hit the World Wide Web, where quickly spread across various social networks, entertaining resources and sites dedicated to unexplained phenomena. Many Internet users immediately noted one curious detail: the shining silhouette above Hamburg looks suspiciously outlined Bigfoot. Of course, it’s stupid to believe that the legendary relic hominid suddenly materialized in heaven, and even glowed like a christmas garland however there are no doubt that an incomprehensible object looks exactly like big foot.

Some commentators suggest that this is all about ghosts – they say, over the earth arose someone’s restless spirit. Phantoms are known to be even more bizarre. Small skeptics are inclined to believe that it is either a cloud, either a reflection of light on the lens of the camera, or even installation. However, materialists for some reason do not take into account the fact that this the phenomenon was seen on the described night by several dozen witnesses. Can’t they all lie to one? However, various heavenly visions – not a new phenomenon and not so rare, and the most surprising – in most cases inexplicable with materialistic point of view.

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