“Pipes of the Apocalypse” heard from heaven immediately in three countries of the world

A photo from open sources

In August of this year in three different cities of the world – German Munich, Malaysian Georgetown and American Dallas – mysterious deafening sounds similar to some fantastic blowing in half with the roar of the unknown animal. Each incident occurred in the dark and attracted attention of many startled witnesses. Including submitted below the video, you can hear strange sounds with your ears.

The Pipes of the Apocalypse, as some experts call them, recent years are increasingly heard in different parts of the world and no one cannot determine the cause of these sounds. Hypotheses about the noise of trains, factories, the movement of tectonic plates and even trumpeting elephants, however, none of them could be confirmed. A roar is heard most often at night, within a radius of tens of kilometers, while numerous witnesses claim that he comes straight from the sky.

Many religious texts say that before the beginning of the end the lights will begin to blow the trumpets of angels, warning sinners about the Judgment the bottom. That is why many people who are faced with this phenomenon, believe that he has a divine nature. However, “Pipes Apocalypse “heard around the world for almost a decade, and Armageddon is not coming. Of course, the deeds of the Lord are far from the only version that they try to explain what is happening abnormal phenomena.

So, some are convinced that the noise is caused by some gigantic a monster that woke up a few years ago in the oceans. By the opinion of others, to blame the activities of representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations whose flying ships constantly visit our planet. If you believe the third, we are talking about sound vibrations caused by superimposing one reality on another. Finally, the fourth ones think which crashes the so-called “Matrix”, in which everything supposedly lives humanity.

Video from Munich:

Video from Georgetown:

Video from Dallas:

End of the world

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