Poisonous toads, capable of reaching huge sizes flooded Florida

Poisonous toads, capable of reaching enormous sizes, flooded FloridaA photo from open sources

South Florida residents suffer in present moment from the sudden onslaught of toads, considered the second largest toads on the planet.

The length of a record-breaking large individual that fell into the Guinness Book of Records, was 38 centimeters, and her weight was 2.65 kilograms! Till these amphibians, newly bred in Florida, are small, however in the future, they will certainly grow up, and you can fight them except perhaps with the help of a pitchfork.

Toad-aga is, among other things, poisonous. Her glands secrete a special toxic secret that the animal is capable of “shoot” and which affects mainly the nervous system and heart. For a healthy adult, this poison is not too dangerous, but experts recommend keeping children and pets away from toads.

These toxic amphibians are an introduced species, imported to the United States about 60 years ago. Since then periodically outbreaks of their reproduction are observed, and in some places, like now in south florida, toad-ages cover every square centimeter of the earth. Amphibians infiltrate gardens, pools and drainage of local residents, causing a lot of trouble at homeowners.

According to experts, the reason for this invasion was warm winters and heavy rains.

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