Pole hardly climbed the highest mountain countries and … met there an unexpected stranger

The Pole hardly climbed the highest mountain of the country and ... met an unexpected stranger thereA photo from open sources

Polish amateur climber Wojciech Jabczynski several months preparing to climb the 2503-meter mountain of Rysy, which is the highest peak in his country. The man certainly needed special equipment and long physical training, however he successfully, though not without difficulty, made the coveted ascent.

However, at the very top, our hero suddenly … met quite unexpected stranger who incredibly puzzled and surprised the climber. At the top of Lynx sat a beautiful ginger cat, obviously domestic and thoroughbred, calmly licking his paws. Amazed Wojciech hastened to get his cell phone and capture “inappropriate” animal on camera.

At first, the Pole suggested that some of the other climbers took a pet with him on a camping trip. The idea is rather absurd, however Wojciech could not find other explanations for the incident. After talking with his hobby friends, our hero found out that none of they didn’t come up here with a cat, and other climbers were surprised the presence of murky on the two and a half kilometer peak is not smaller than Wojciech.

A photo from open sources

Characteristically, the animal looked completely full, healthy, not frozen and not a bit bothered by his surroundings. Yabchinsky offered the cat pies with cottage cheese, but mustachioed refused such a treat. Alas, the man was not enough experienced climber in order to pick up the purr with you back. However, other climbers said they would take care of an animal. The fate of the cat remains unknown.

When the submitted photos and videos of Yabchinsky hit the World spider web, they immediately became viral and spread around many sites.

Some netizens suggest that the mustachioed climbed on Rysy independently, which is very doubtful (opinion experienced climbers).

According to others, a man nevertheless lifted him there, although in this case it is not clear why he left and why the cat remains full and well maintained.

Still others joke that before us is disguised as domestic cat snow leopard – still a small youngster.

According to the fourth, the animal teleported (entered here through a wormhole) or was moved to a mountain aliens, it’s not for nothing that some researchers consider cats alien creatures.

Finally, fifths believe that it’s about the spirit of nature, taking the form of a four-legged friend of man, and therefore, if Wojciech did not offer the cat treats, it is still unknown if he would return from a campaign alive …


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