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Who is most often faced with paranormal phenomena? Professional Ghostbusters, Specialists abnormal events, priests specializing in exile spirits? No, it’s cops, because when people come across something incomprehensible, first of all they are calling where? – right, in the police.

Strange statements to police stations

What kind of calls does the attendant not accept!

… Two days ago, aliens stole me, took me to my ship and they tortured me for two days … … Some black appears from my bedroom wall muck … … some strangers put on the skin of my parents and pretending to be them … But it’s not my dad and mom! … I got into parallel world and I can’t go back, I can only to call … … I died two days ago, tell my family that I have all is well and i miss them …

Greater Manchester Police Department Throughout the Year (UK) accepts up to 400 complaints complaints all kinds of “devilry.” Other police departments, sites, departments also do not complain about the lack of such statements.

However, for every call, every statement, the police are obliged to react, no matter how idiotic they may seem. “Stolen the aliens “turned out to be a telephone bully, imposed on a joker fine. We examined the wall of the bedroom, no “black muck” is not found. The girl’s parents turned out to be quite normal people, and the child is a fantasy lover with a strong imagination.

However, against some of the statements in the notebook on duty flaunt question marks drawn by him.

A call from a parallel world, the police could not track, it looks like he really came out of nowhere. Arrived at the address indicated by the “dead”, the police found that the head families really recently tragically passed away. In practice Each police officer has several such cases.

Archive R. L. Snow

Robert Snow served in the police of Idianapolis (USA) for 38 years, left retired with the rank of captain. For many years he collected evidence their colleagues about the abnormal phenomena with which those meet. Here is some of them.

Voice from nowhere

The woman complained about an unbearable neighbor. He constantly screamed “Get out of this house!”, Threw over the fence at her site all kinds of garbage, mangled beer cans. Woman recently bought this house and couldn’t imagine that she had such a terrible racist neighbor.

Arriving policemen introduced her to her neighbors – it turned out to be two lovely old women who had nothing against the new mistress neighboring house, and long wishing to meet and make friends with her.

When the woman and the police explained what they were doing, they terribly scared. The former owner of the house several times came to he told him that he hears demands to leave the house. He is not going anywhere left, and soon died of an overdose of sleeping pills.

Ghost of suicide

The challenge was standard: the young addict “went to the roof”, hallucinations began. Arriving police met at the doorstep 50-year-old crying woman at home: her 20-year-old son does not want to go in his room, claims to have hanged herself in it stranger, let him be removed and taken away.

The addict confidently described an elderly man hanging under a chandelier man in uniform. Of course, no hanging dead man in there was no young man in the bedroom. The doctors who were taken away were called guy to the clinic.

On the way back to the station, the senior officer said to his partner: “And I I remember this house. 20 years ago, even under the old masters, I came here on call. In the bedroom on the hook from the chandelier hanged the head families – a veteran of World War II. And before suicide, he put on his military uniform. ”

It turns out that the young drug addict broke through the veil of the real world and looked at the other side of reality.

Suicide ghost and invisible train

Two policemen who came to deal with the devilry, and in actually saw flying saucers and spontaneously moving chairs. The head of the police department turned out to be wise: ordered them to rewrite the report, they say they saw nothing and at the same time sent to the house of a police chaplain: “This is just according to your profile, buddy. ”

Residents of one of the farms complained about the roar that prevented them from sleeping passing train. But there were no railway lines in a radius of several tens of kilometers. Once such a line really ran a stone’s throw from the farm, but was taken apart many years ago. However, every night according to the schedule past farms rumble invisible but distinctly audible composition.

Usually police officers are in no hurry about such cases to report – who knows how the chef will react to the report “I saw ghost! “, will he send an honest policeman to examination by a psychiatrist? Therefore, in the reports they write “information is not confirmed. “But if you can talk to the guard of the law, he will tell you a lot of interesting things.

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