Populations of bees and bumblebees rapidly are declining

Bee and bumblebee populations are rapidly decliningA photo from open sources

Matthias Furst of the University of London states that the number of bumblebees and domestic bees is declining throughout the Earth. The cause may be fungi and viruses.

Furst and his colleagues have been studying bees for several years, scientists are trying find out why their numbers are declining so quickly in recent years. Scientists have visited 26 regions of the UK and caught some bees and bumblebees to examine for fungi, ticks and diseases. As a result, it turned out that most of the insects carriers of the parasitic fungus Nosema ceranae and the virus DWV, which leads to deformation of the wings and to other serious problems, reports RIA Novosti.

Environmentalists decide that infected domestic insects can transmit diseases to wild bumblebees. An experiment was conducted: researchers added fungal spores and virus particles to the sweet the nectar that wild bumblebees fed on, resulting in more than half insects became infected, which reduced their life expectancy by 6 days.

Bee Insects Viruses

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