Post-Traumatic Syndrome from Memories past life

Post-traumatic syndrome from past life memoriesA photo from open sources

Children who talk about the tragic death in the past lives often suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD), says psychologist Dr. Erlendur Haraldson.

These children from 2 to 6 years old can talk about that in the past they were a different person, and often the life of this human ended tragically: a soldier died on the battlefield, crashed pilot, victim of a killer.

After 6 years, they lose interest in these things and even forget that they were telling. These memories no matter whether they are fiction or really remain from the past lives can have a negative effect on the baby.

It happens that such children miss their former family or home and want to come back. Others develop phobias associated with violent death that they remember. Third memories of alleged reincarnation haunted in the form of nightmares or flashes of memories of the past.

Sometimes these symptoms are very similar to combat post-traumatic a syndrome that occurs in soldiers returning from war.

In his report, Dr. Haraldson gives WHO criteria for diagnosing PTSD:

1. The patient experienced a severe stressful event or was in life-threatening situation.

2. He constantly scrolls in his head the memories of this events. They can occur in the form of sudden “flashes”.

3. The patient’s memory is deteriorating, or he is increasing psychological irritability: having trouble sleeping, irritability or bouts of anger, difficulties in concentration, suspicion and excessive starting reaction.

In a Haraldson study of dozens of children in Lebanon and Sri Lanka, many often lived again and again in the tragic memory death and showed flashes of anger. Lebanon and Sri Lanka were selected to exclude the factor of external influence on children, therefore that in these countries a completely different culture.

Some of them have difficulty concentrating; they suffer from mood swings or aggressiveness.

Dr. Jim Tucker, Virginia Reincarnation Researcher University, writes: “If a person in a previous incarnation died unnatural death, 35% of children have a strong fear death and protective behavior is observed, which is one of symptoms of combat post-traumatic symptom. ”

His book describes the story of a white girl who remembers that in a previous life she was African American. She was 7 years old, she walking along the road on a hot day and noticed that her hands seemed to covered in ashes. Then she was abducted by two white men who arrived at vintage car. They raped and killed her.

Because of these memories, she developed a starting reaction. Memories of this tragic event often haunted her. during the day, and at night she saw nightmares.

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